The Ultimate Wedding Decorations & Supplies Checklist

Your Wedding Decorations & Supplies Checklist


CONGRATULATIONS! If you’re reading this one can assume you recently got engaged and that is fantastic news! What a happy and exciting time in your life. 

The enormity of planning a wedding may be coming to light and with it comes pressure. Pressure from family, friends, suppliers and sometimes yourself. This is not helpful. Good decisions are not made under duress. I’m here to say DO NOT STRESS. YOU’VE GOT THIS!

Whether you have 18 months or 8 weeks, you can pull off the wedding of your dreams and do not let anyone tell you otherwise! You and your partner just need to be flexible…

Use the following checklist as much or as little as you like, and remember, you do you!  

12-18 Months


Having an idea of budget helps a lot of people. It can make decisions for you and sometimes it can also diffuse altering opinions! Using platforms such as Excel allows you to easily and efficiently record your quotes, spending, and forecasted costs in order to keep track of your money.


Are you superstitious and planning to marry on 23/3/23, or perhaps the third weekend in Spring? This is one aspect of your wedding that can be competitive as if you have your heart set on both a date AND location. In this case, you may need some extended lead time to secure this desired duo. This is where I refer back to our intro and the importance of flexibility.  

Location Location Location 

Your choice in location is pivotal in your planning. It creates a ripple effect though pretty much all aspects of your wedding day. There will likely be a few places that spring to mind when you picture yourself getting married. Perhaps a location where you shared a special moment, a location that has meaning for you or your family, or a location that represents your values. Whatever your choice, think through how this will work with your ceremony & reception. Can it accommodate both? Do you need to transport guests between the two? What are the cost implications of two spots?  If one is outdoorswhat is the plan if it is looking soggy? We never want to think about this possibility but it is just that, a possibility. Council websites are a great place to start when researching outdoor venues. 

Other considerations are:

6-12 Months

Now is the time you need to start thinking about food and beverages for your guests. What will sustain them through this fabulous day and who are the best people to supply this? Speaking to various catering companies will give you excellent insights into what you do and don't want. Starting these meetings with a ‘per head’ cost in mind will be helpful to both sides. Your guests dining experience is really a chance to wow them with cultural foods, locally sourced produce and consideration to dietary needs/ choices. Oh and don't forget about cake if you decide to have one. These can take a loooong time to make so be sure to call around the experts and see what their timelines are. 


This timeline isn't as long as it used to be and really could fall into the 3-6months bracket due to the amount of GORGEOUS off the rack dresses and suits around. However if you are having your outfit made by hand, you will need this long lead time and what a fun part of the planning this is! One thing I will say is try to not get swept up into anything ‘not you’. Stay real to yourself and your style.

Save The Date

A quick “Save The Date'' should be communicated at this time to ensure your loved ones aren't off holidaying while you're celebrating. Loads of online options that can help manage your guests availability, so have a search. 


If your earlier decision on location isn't a choice of a Church, you will need to book a celebrant. This is a booming industry right now, so there are plenty of options to consider. Don't rush into this, take your time to discuss with them how they will make your ceremony about you and incorporate any ideas you might have.

Other Consideration:


Start looking for jewelry and accessories. It's like finding a pair of jeans, when you look they aren't there but when you're not looking you come across the best fitting pair! Give yourself time with this one in order to get it right. If you don't feel confident styling your own hair and make-up, now would also be a good time to contact a few different artists and suggest trials. 

Other Considerations:

  • Honeymoon
  • Bridal party outfits

3-6 Months


Now we’re really getting to the fun bits! Let your Pinterest boards run wild with ideas for ceremony and reception. Handmade gifts, seating tags, glitter photo booth, the possibilities are endless! So gather your close friends and indulge in bringing this special day together by working as a team on these various elements.


If you are doing formal invitations you will need to get on top of this now. Sourcing different paper and envelopes can take a while. If you are looking for a more swift and environmentally conscious approach your ‘Save The Date’ provider will have invitation capabilities too. 


1-3 Months


This should be a time to relax. All of your ‘big ticket’ items are booked and confirmed. Invest this time into your vows. You vows are a really sacred part of your day and one that is commonly overlooked for seemingly more important tasks like colour coordinated napkinsStart by thinking of what you can promise to your partner. Keep it realistic and achievable. Your celebrant or religious advisor can also be a source of information. 

Other Considerations:

  • Shoes (break them in!)
  • Seating chart (if needed)
  • Triple confirm everything

Wedding Week

It’s finally here! Now is when your beauty treatments will need to take place (please be careful with the fake tan) and extra special care with your sleep routines. Take time to really soak it in and enjoy this lead up to your day. It's so very magical. 

The Day

On the day of your wedding just remember WHY you are here. The party, the dress and the decorations are wonderful, but the only important element is you and your partner. Try not to lose sight of that and take moments throughout the day just for the two of you.

You made it!