Five Elements To Include To Make Your Wedding Event More Elegant

Elegance is not one ‘thing’. It's not something you can buy or hire. It doesn't come off an expensive sales rack, or in a tiny box. It's a feeling that engages all of your senses. An experience. 

The word elegance is synonymous with weddings. It's the aim, the goal, the end game! And it's completely achievable to employ various approaches to bring this aspirational target to life on any budget. 

Lets learn about these five elements/ senses you can consider adding to bring in the elegance feels. 

Element 1 - Sound

Do you ever have times when you hear a song that triggers a response? A response that  transports you back in time? Our senses are amazing at providing these snapshots into our past and music is one of them. A wedding atmosphere is heavily influenced by the sounds you and your guests will hear. There is no right or wrong type of music you will choose as it's as individual as the style of dress you select. However if you are aiming for elegance you might want to consider something simple, classic, pared back. String quartets are a popular way to provide an elegant atmosphere as they are able to bring a highbrow feel however the tracks they perform can be covers of all sorts of genres. Check out some Youtube channels for examples. 

Element 2 - Sight

Want to raise the bar on what your guests see throughout their journey to your wedding? Two words, Personalised Monogram. Boom! Drop mic! 

From the first ‘Save The Date” to “Thank you’ cards, your very own custom monogram can be used in sooooo many different applications. Why not have them embroidered onto your napkins? A background floral display in their shape, chocolates made or temporary tattoos for your guests (ok maybe that's a bit far) but the possibilities are endless.

Element 3 - Touch

Textures. Touch is all about textures and a wedding provides so many opportunities to use different textures. Silky seat coversmetallic napkin rings, dried flowers, hay bales, sequin backdrops.Your guests will find themselves swept up in these elegant feels as they journey from one part of your wedding to another. 

Don't ever feel the tiniest of details are a waste of time. There are always guests who appreciate the extra effort. 

Element 4 - Taste 

Oh the opportunity you have here to WOW your guests! Taste sounds like you need to employ a Hatted Chef and serve tiny pieces of one bite food on large platters however you'd be wrong. Taste is about quality. It's easy to feed your guests quality horderves. Look at sourcing food that is locally grown and in season. Talk to local small businesses about their products and see what might work for you. Basically the rule is, if it's not summer, don't serve stone fruit! 

Element 5 - Smell

Smell, like Sound, is a transporting sense. Remember the smell in the air the day you met your now partner. The smell on their clothes, the seasonal smell, the flowers that may have been out, the smell of the food you may have ordered together. This element provides an opportunity to create a smell that your guests will remember forever. Look at essential oils in diffusers, candles of your favourite scent, or scented flowers as centerpieces to achieve this everlasting memory.

Elegance is a journey you want to create for you, your partner, your family and guests. Indulge in the details, and check in with what is authentic for you and enjoy the journey together. 

Till next month xx