Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: Table Cloth Buying and Styling Guide

Tablecloth Buying and Styling Guide

When you’re planning a special event or your big day, it’s no secret that style is always a top priority. And from the colour scheme to your decor theme, the tablecloths you use to decorate your event are going to have a big impact.

The tablecloths you choose for your event can tie a room together, set the mood and express what’s important to you. But with so many tablecloth fabrics, shapes, styles and patterns out there, it can sometimes feel overwhelming to make a decision.

So, to help take the weight off of your shoulders, we’ve put together a handy guide to buying and styling tablecloths for your event. Keep scrolling for a detailed look at what’s available out there and how to make the most of it. With a bit of careful thought and clever styling, your special day is sure to go down in memory. 

What to consider when buying tablecloths

Tablecloths might seem like a simple decor item at first glance, but in reality, there’s a surprising amount of choice out there when it comes to buying. Some important things to consider include


  • Table size and shape - Before you look for tablecloths for your event, you need to consider the shape and size and height of your tables. This will help you to choose tablecloths that properly cover each table without any unsightly overlap, and get the perfect hanging length for your decorative style.

  • Fabric thickness - The thickness of your tablecloths is an important part of the overall look and feel of your table decor. Thicker tablecloths are perfect for more traditional-style events and just emanate sophistication and class. On the other hand, sheer materials work well for casual events and can give a laid-back look. Thickness is generally measured in gsm (grams per square metre), so the higher the gsm, the thicker the material.

  • Pattern, colour and texture - Plain white or solid colours are definitely not the only choices when it comes to decorating your tables. With just a touch of texture here or a pinch of pattern there, you can transform any space from drab to fab! Some simple options for adding texture include velvet, pleated, or even sequin-studded tablecloths.

  • Tablecloth material - The fabric your tablecloths are made out of can also have a big impact on the overall look and feel of your event. If luxury is in order, some oh-so-smooth and shiny satin fabric is always a good shout. For an extra layer of visual and textural flair, you could also consider the ethereal ice silk style. Alternatively, if you need something durable, to stand the test of time and decorate event after event, a premium spun polyester tablecloth will do the trick.

  • Fitted vs flat tablecloths - Perhaps the biggest difference in the types of tablecloths to consider is fitted vs flat tablecloths. Flat tablecloths of most materials can be styled in a variety of ways and give you a little more freedom to play with texture. On the other hand, fitted tablecloths are brilliant for creating a very neat and squared-away kind of look for a more formal event.

    What are the best tablecloths for weddings?

    Every wedding is unique. So finding the best tablecloths for your wedding is ultimately down to your personal taste and stylistic choices. While there are so many types of table linen out there, there are some tried and true decorating techniques and statement pieces that you could consider when planning your wedding decor.

    For more traditional style weddings, white tablecloths are the classic choice. After all, simplicity is the essence of sophistication! Plain white tablecloths can be styled in a huge variety of ways and pair well with a wide spectrum of colours. That means whatever floral arrangements, place settings and chairs you’ve chosen for your big day, these tablecloths are a surefire decorative backbone.

    As we all know, weddings are seldom a sit-down event! To cater for your guests at all stages of the night, whether they’re feasting, mingling or scuffing the dancefloor, you’ll probably have considered different types of tables. For example, cocktail tables can be great for filling out a space and giving guests comfortable places to gather with their drinks.
    Fitted cocktail bar covers are a sturdy, no-fuss answer to keeping these tall tables a strong part of your overall decor scheme.

    When you’re deciding on the best tablecloths for your wedding, you’ll also need to think about how the tablecloths fall over the edges of your tables. If you’re trying to evoke an easy-going, relaxed elegance, consider going for oversized tablecloths that gather slightly on the floor. Soft fabrics used in this way will bunch gently at the base of your tables, bringing an extra element of style to your decor scheme.

    How to style your tablecloths

    When it comes to creating a strong, cohesive decorative theme, how you style your tablecloths is just as important as the materials they’re made from. What’s more, styling isn’t just about tweaking around the edges of your overall design. With some careful thought and a couple of bold decorative choices, you can create a decor scheme that reflects your personal style and evokes any sentiment. Some easy tablecloth styling ideas that you can consider include

  • Layers, layers and more layers - Why settle for a single colour or texture when you can do so much more? Layering your tablecloths gives you the option to combine colours and textures and throw some more style into your event decorations. Overlays are a great option for layering with round tablecloths. Alternatively, table runners are a good option for bringing a splash of colour to square or rectangular tables.


  • Accessorise - Before you settle on your tablecloths, it pays to think carefully about what’s going to sit on top of them. If you’re planning a wedding, you might also be thinking about placemats, napkins and place settings where guests will enjoy their meals. Each element of the table setting introduces another stylistic element into your overall decorative scheme and another chance to help your table linens shine.

  • To clip or not to clip - Table clips might be easy to overlook, but they’re an effective and often subtle way to style your tablecloths exactly how you want. They can be used on flat tablecloths to give the edges of the table a neater, tucked-away look, or even used to mount table skirting around the edges of your tables. Alternatively, you could allow your tablecloths to hang freely over the edge of your tables for a more casual, relaxed look.

  • Tablecloth overhang length - The length of your tablecloths is an important stylistic factor when you’re planning an event. A short, straight-edged overhang can impart a more casual and relaxed feel to your event, while longer overhangs can bring an element of formality. 

    So, whether you’re gearing up to host your big day or you’re putting on a huge family bash, it’s important to give some careful thought to the tablecloths you choose to decorate your space. Seemingly small differences in the fabric, texture and colour of your tablecloths can transform a space, evoke a whole spectrum of sentiments and express what matters to you.

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