Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: Using Cloth Napkins to Elevate Your Wedding or Event Decor

Using Cloth Napkins to Elevate Your Wedding or Event Decor

No matter what sort of event is on your horizon - if there’s food to be served, you’ve probably thought about napkins. Maybe you’re after the simplicity and cost-effectiveness of paper, or you’re looking to add a touch of class with cloth. Whichever you decide, napkins are the one practical decor element that absolutely can’t be overlooked.

So, if you’re in the difficult planning stages of your next big bash, we’re here to ask you to consider the material option. Flexible, gentle and oh-so-classy, cloth napkins are the premium (but still affordable) pick, perfect for indulging your guests and showing off your hospitality. And, with so many varieties and ways to present cloth napkins, they work with almost any decor scheme to elevate the vibe and add a touch of sophistication.

Still not convinced? Keep scrolling for the biggest benefits of cloth napkins, and find out how you can take your event to the next level with this simple decor element.

The benefits of using cloth napkins



No matter what kind of event you’re hosting, cloth napkins are an easy way to bring a touch of class, comfort and sophistication to the table. As a soft and luxurious fabric, cloth is the natural choice for more formal events like weddings or award ceremonies. Cloth napkins are also highly flexible and come in a variety of colours and weaves - so you can always use them to make an impression at more casual gatherings too.

Cloth napkins come in a range of colours

Like most fabric decorations, cloth napkins come in a variety of shades and colours. These range from the natural ‘raw’ linen look, perfect for a rustic affair that evokes simple pleasures, all the way to brilliant white, perfect for a more formal and sophisticated affair.

Cloth napkins can be folded in creative ways

One of the strongest traits of the fabric napkin is its balance of flexibility and hold. You can fold cloth napkins in any number of ways, whether you’re going for something gorgeous to behold like an elegant knot to symbolise your vows, or a neat bundle to hold your guest’s menus and cutlery.

Cloth is soft and comfortable to use

While cloth has the visual edge over paper napkin alternatives, it’s also generally quite a soft option. Ultimately, this is what makes cloth so comfortable and luxurious to use, while still being absorbent.

Aside from the obvious stylistic benefits of using cloth napkins, there are also plenty of other good reasons to opt for cloth.

Cloth napkins are more sustainable

Whether you compare fabric napkins to paper, cloth is much better for the environment. This is because cloth napkins don’t rely on logging to provide its raw materials. 

Cloth napkins are reusable

Perhaps the biggest advantage to using gorgeous cloth napkins at your next event is that it doesn’t have to be their last! While some fabric weaves can be delicate, with proper care they can be washed and reused, time and time again. You could even wash and use them to jazz up your home dining table.

Best of all, most cloth products get softer after every wash - making them even more luxurious to use over time. 

Different types of cloth napkins



Cloth napkins come in a variety of styles and kinds, from different fabric blends, to thin or thick weave. So picking out the right type for your event may take some careful consideration.

Linen is a surprisingly versatile fabric and is made for a variety of purposes, from bed sheets to the groom’s wedding suit, to napkins! It also blends easily with other fabrics and can be woven in different ways to suit different aesthetic tastes or practical uses, including in its use as a premium napkin fabric.

Some different varieties of cloth napkins include

  • Linen blend napkins - Linen can be combined with various materials depending on what you need in a napkin. For example, our linen napkins are made using a linen-polyester blend, which helps each napkin to hold its shape and minimise creasing, creating a polished, put-together look. On the upside, this also makes out linen napkins more affordable than pure fabric, while still retaining the soft feel and elegant appearance of linen.

  • Loose-weave napkins - Also known as open-weave, this light and airy style of fabric can provide an incredible, simplistic elegance in the right situations. If you’re going for a boho-chic look at your next big event, or you’re holding your wedding reception outdoors, this relaxed, gentle weave is the perfect textural addition to your decor.

  • Natural look napkins - These are cloth napkins made from fabric that is left mostly untreated and coloured. The end result is a warm, earthy and slightly mottled tone, like our natural linen colour napkins. Before dyeing, linen gets its gorgeous earthy look as the raw fibres are left to ferment in the fields, exposed to wind, soil and rain. The raw linen look is a surefire way to create a sense of simple sophistication - an ideal addition to a rustic, countryside wedding reception.

    How to fold cloth napkins 


    As we mentioned, one of the most enticing reasons to opt for cloth napkins for your big day is that they are amazingly flexible, and can be folded in a variety of ways. Here are some popular folding methods to consider to bring your event tablescapes to the next level.

  • The Knot - A relatively new fold technique on the scene, the knot has quickly grown in popularity as a fun, easy, but powerfully symbolic fold technique. The simple, loose knot evokes a relaxed look at first glance while representing your and your partner’s vows to each other. It also helps to soften the cloth napkins before your guests use them.

  • The Roll - There are several ways to do this folding technique, but the general idea is that you want your napkins to be roughly cylindrical and loosely rolled. You can then place them vertically on the side of the plates, beside the cutlery, or even horizontally on the plates, providing some lift for the menu cards. This offers a relaxed look and works well with the soft, luxurious texture of cloth.

  • Fold and Roll - This technique combines the neat elegance of a rectangularly folded napkin, with the opulent volume of a rolled napkin. One way you can achieve this look is by folding a third or half of your napkin into a neat, tightly-pressed rectangle fold. Then, gently roll the remaining unfolded length of the napkin once over to create an open, domed look, with the folded section of the napkin underneath the roll. This simple combined technique gives off an elegant look without being overly polished.

    If you’re looking for some more napkin decor inspiration, check out this article on the best napkin folding techniques, and blow your guests away with elegant, practical and artful napkin styles. So, whether you’re hosting a classy-casual family gathering, or you’re decorating to impress your wedding guests, the old napkin fold is not to be overlooked. 

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