5 Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Or Event

The answer to every bride's biggest wedding dilemma!  

You may think it's where to sit Uncle John or perhaps should you wear the family pearls (even though you don't like pearls) but no, you just might find out it’s how to fold your napkins! 

They are square, they are simple, they are a time old tradition, and they can be the forgotten styling star of most weddings, but not yours! 


5 Ways to Fold Napkins At Your Wedding Or Next Event


Cloth napkins have come a long way from the days of a plain white folded square.

The variety in colour, shape and texture will have you giving them some serious thought! And don't forget napkins can also be the home of various items. A bread roll, cutlery, flowers, a name tag, a small gift or even a second piece of cake at the end of the night so look for stylish AND practical use. 

Fold 1 - Angled Pocket

Classic, classy and practical. Think the same colours as the peonies in your bouquet in a textured linen folded into a Angled Pocket Fold.

 Angled Pocket

Fold 2 - Bow Tie Fold

A complimenting turquoise to your bridesmaids dresses arranged in a Bow Tie Fold is always a winner. It’s much more feminine than its name and can be used at any formal style event. 


Fold 3 - The Mix 

Another option that I’m yet to see is a mix of styles. This would be a great element for a Boho style wedding to promote that relaxed vibe. Once you start looking, the combinations are endless!


The Mix

Fold 4 - Christmas Tree Fold

These dressy little numbers are not limited to wedding receptions and can be utilised at any upscale event. Think corporate Christmas parties with brand colour Christmas Tree Fold. 


Christmas Tree Fold

Fold 5 - Wrapped Fold

An elegant birthday party wouldn't be complete without the fineness of cloth napkins in a traditional Wrapped Fold is most suitable. Stack pre-made napkins alongside lusciously loaded charcuterie boards, happiness! 


Wrapped Fold


If you want to add even more style to the table, consider the addition of a napkin ring. They can add some serious bling! 

It is important to look at your wedding design as a whole and as tiny as these decorations are, this type of detail is what can tie your whole design together. 

Happy folding x