5 Clever Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Wedding

If decorating your Christmas tree gets you excited then you are going to LOVE decorating your Outdoor Wedding! The possibilities are literally endless. Big banquet  tables veiled with candles, flowers, tall glassware, shining cutlery, perfectly colour coordinated napkins  and twinkly fairy lights, all creating that dream-like atmosphere. But where to begin? How can you capture that image inside your head and turn it into reality? We’ve got you covered.

These five tips will get you focused and ready to unleash the perfect Outdoor Wedding on your spellbound guests...

outdoor wedding

Tip 1 - Have A Very Clear Vision And Stick To It (mostly) 

Research is your best friend when it comes to outdoor weddings. Indulge in magazines (yes old school, but so lovely) and spend hours perusing Pinterest until you have a very clear picture of what your ceremony and reception will look like. Once this vision is established you can start “The List”. More about “The List” in a minute. 

Your vision should be true to who you and your partner are. Think about your values and how you and your guests want to feel as they enjoy your day. Are you both big foodies and would like to focus on the meal experience? Are you chilled outdoors folk who may dance barefoot on the grass for your first wedding dance? Are you stylish city dwellers who want everything to sparkle and shine? Be true to yourself and your dreams of this momentous day. Everyone will have an idea and opinion on what your plans should include so be open to advise from trusted sources, but with a grain of pretty pink Himalayan salt! 

Tip 2 - “The List”

“The List” will be your constant go-to throughout the wedding planning journey. It has to be easily accessible, easily modified and easily shared with your partner, Maid of Honor, parents or your super lovely neighbour who knows she won't quite qualify for the guest list but still wants to feel involved. “The List” needs to break down every element of your wedding, specifically your decoration and equipment needs. For example The Reception; Chairs, Chair covers, tables, table cloths, dinnerware, cutlery, napkins, glassware, seasonings, lights, candles, place holders, table runners, table flowers, flower walls, music, dancefloor, dance floor lighting…….you get the picture. What you want is all these tiny (yet super important) details in one spot, at your fingertips so you can be confident of a  smooth-running day. 

Tip 3 - What Colour Will It be?

Decorating a wedding is like decorating your home. You NEED to get that colour pallet spot on. Being an outdoor wedding you may be leaning toward the natural, neutral, earthy tones that can be found around you. This is an excellent way of keeping costs low and minimising your environmental footprint. Contrast however, can create a stunning visual spectacle. It also allows you to flex your creative brain and really develop unique ideas. Selecting three to four complementary colours will ensure consistency throughout your wedding from invitations to cake decorations. 

Tip 4 - Happy Guests Happy Life

If you’ve ever been to a wedding before you may have been the victim of a poorly considered guest experience. This is especially evident when there is a major time gap between the ceremony and the reception due to photos. The beauty of an Outdoor Wedding is that you can combine the two into one seamless and entertaining experience for both you and all of your assembled loved ones. That stunning wedding arch  you adorned with the sweetest of flowers  can easily be relocated to an outlook nearby where you can go snap happy without leaving your guests stranded for hours. You can also utilise all of the decorations being used in the reception area. Try not to get hung up on the formalities. At the essence of it your guests just want to be there for you and bask in your special day. 

Tip 5 - A Call To Action

It is a dormant instinct in all wedding guests to jump in and help. People LOVE to have a job. It makes them feel important, included, part of the family so why not elicit some of this energy in the set up. If you plan on dining in an outdoor marquee we all know what a fabulously blank canvas these are to decorate. Endless hanging flowers, lights, placing of name cards (refer back to “The List” for more jobs) 

This sense of camaraderie and teamwork to make your day incredible is arguably the best part of getting all of your loved ones together in the first place. 

Bonus Tip  

It is cliche but true, your wedding day will be one of the quickest days of your life so stay in the moment and enjoy the ride.


Happy planning x