Wedding Flowers & Flower Stand Buying Guide

Four Things To Consider When Planning Your Flowers  

 Tip 1 - Making Memories


We want our Wedding Day to last forever. The excitement of getting ready, pre photos, a sneaky glass of bubbles and the walk down the aisle. We want the day and the feels to last as long as possible. We want the clinking of glasses to ring in our ears for years to come, the unbelievable food to continue and the dance floor to never, ever, stop. 

Sadly all these things will finish and we are left with core memories (even though sometimes a little fuzzy) that we replay over and over again. But what if there were ways to draw out the beauty of your wedding day? To back up photos that dont always make it into albums and frames. There is another way to keep a reminder in each and every room of your house… Your wedding flowers! 

Using artificial wedding flowers gives us the opportunity to build a guaranteed perfect bouquet AND decorate your home for years to come.. But more about that later. 


Tip 2 - Are You Ready To Fake It?


Dreaming of a classic Rose bouquet in beautiful blush tones, or a collection of Peonies?

All of this can be achieved year round without having to source your favourite Cherry Blossom from Japan because they are not in season in Australia. 



Artificial flower arrangements have come a looooooong way in recent years and we are seeing some of the most popular flower styles recreated to almost identical likeness. The quality of the fabric will have even the most critical of guests testing the petals! If you (like me) suffer from pollen allergies then this may just be your golden ticket! The flexible wire stems make decorating a breeze. No thorns in these fingers! 


Tip 3 - Oh So Versatile


Artificial flowers can be used across so many aspects of your wedding day. Think bridal party accessories, table decorations, gifts and stage decorations. Paired with a flower stand or flower wallyou're on the track of wedding styling royalty. 

And then there is the ongoing joy mentioned earlier that they can bring. Years and years of beauty and subtle reminders of the most special of days gone by. If you are lucky enough to have an abundance, why not gift them to a bridal party, family or even re-sell them as a bulk purchase! There are many options to reuse and appreciate these little beauties. 


Tip 4 - Not Sure If You Can Fully Commit? 


Then Don't! Mix it up, bring in fresh AND artificial and see how fabulous the different textures can work with each other. There is so much opportunity for personal expression in weddings that this mixture will have you on the road to #weddingflowers gold!!! And on that note, ever thought of a floral backdrop for your guest photos? Potentially reuse the isle flower stand or create another one that is so Insta worthy your photographer will be out of a job!   



Have a browse, perhaps buy a few samples and see what makes the cut! 

Till next time xx