Top Summer Wedding Trends For 2018!

Summer is here, bringing with it some wonderful new ideas for decorating your wedding! From bold, brilliant and clashing colours to classy black highlights and festooning your big day from the floor to the walls and beyond, the trends in 2018 are all about making a sophisticated statement. Check out a list of our favourites and some advice on how best to execute them…

1. Accenting with Black

Black and white themed wedding ideas

White wedding dresses with hints of black have long been on trend and now we’re seeing this high contrasting style sneak its way into decorations as well. It’s a perfect theme for those who love the elegance of black but don’t want the restrictions of a monochrome palette. We recommend using the colour systematically throughout the reception, for example dressing your chairs in black lycra chair bands or lace chair sashes, or matching black dinnerware with black cloth napkins. Black tablecloths (with matching chair covers) also provide a fabulous canvas to show off bold table decorations or, if you want to make a sparkling statement, pair them with gold sequin table runners.

2. DIY Food Stations

DIY food and lollies station

Add a fun element to your wedding by providing food stations where guests can design their own meals! Taco stands are a super tasty option, allowing your guests to mingle while they fill their tortillas with a mix of delectable toppings. A salad bar overflowing with fresh vegies, cheeses and a variety of dressings will be a huge hit while also giving you a chance to showcase local produce. Desert tables and cocktail mixing stations are also popular right now. The trick is to make the tables look vibrant and inviting by using a mix of florals and brightly coloured decorations to match your delicious treats. Start with a tablecloth in a rich colour like red or deep navy and go from there!

3. Bold and Clashing Colours

Summer wedding styling and trends

This summer it’s all about going bigger and bolder. Floral and jewel tones are all the rage so start thinking about deep reds, dazzling blues, beautiful burgundies and statement colours like green, yellow and fuchsia. And don’t be afraid to throw traditional wedding palettes out the window, this year it’s all about mixing and clashing. Work this trend into your reception décor by choosing colourful linen like burgundy tablecloths, metallic gold chair bands or fuchsia organza table runners.

4. Woodland is the New Rustic!

rustic theme wedding trends

For a long time the rustic theme has ruled as the most popular trend in weddings. This year though it’s all about the woodland wedding! This theme works well for both indoors and outdoors. Think timber trimmings, cosy corners and chill out zones, elaborate greenery in the shape of ferns and field flowers and splashes of colours inspired by nature like gorgeous greens, chocolate browns and blushing reds. These wooden love heart table tokens and Mr and Mrs wooden letter sets will fit right in, as will chocolate cloth napkins and green satin chair sashes.

5. Dare to Drape

ceiling fabric draping for weddings

This year, dressing your reception from toe to top is the number one way to impress and inspire your guests. Picture the roof of your marquee adorned with sweeping curtains of high quality organza fabric or satin fabric. Draw your guest’s eyes upwards by incorporating lanterns, floral installations and soft lighting into your sky-high display. And don’t forget the walls! Envelope your guests in romance with this delicate white rose tulle material, or give the night some sparkle with a glittery gold sequin backdrop.

6. 50 Shades of Purple

purple theme wedding

Purple hues will be dominating wedding colour wheels in 2018 after Pantone announced ultra violet as its colour of the year. Purple can be interpreted as either dramatic and provocative or mystical and spiritual, which means it ties in perfectly with a bold or clashing palette or a woodland wedding. Work the colour of the year into your reception with these cloth napkins, satin swags, organza fabric rolls and paper lanterns.

7. Silver and Chrome

silver and chrome styled wedding

Silver, along with its more reflective cousin, chrome, will be featuring heavily on the wedding scene this summer. Depending on your taste, silver and chrome can give your celebration either a Victorian aesthetic, if you choose more ornate designs, or a highly polished, modern appeal. Whatever you prefer, you can easily implement a splash of shine with these metallic lycra chair bands in either silver or black and silver floral. You could also give a plain white tablecloth or one in matte grey some bling by teaming it with a table runner in sequin silver or silver and white chevron.

8. A Touch of Texture

hessian table runner, perfect for weddings

Not only can you give your wedding a certain look, this year you’ll also want to give it a certain feel! Using texture adds depth and detail to your decorating scheme. Think about incorporating 3D elements into your cake and table settings while tying in fabrics like hessian, organza and satin.

9. Fresh Foliage

rustic wedding flowers

These days you don’t want flowers to feature only in your bouquets and boutonnières. Instead you’ll want bevvies of blooms enriching your tables, cascading down walls and hanging from ceilings. Use these gold iron flower stands to create the perfect floral centrepiece. And here’s a special tip! Don’t spend every dollar you have on an expensive flower wall, hang this tulle rose backdrop instead!

10. Indoor Weddings are Back!

paper lanterns for barn style wedding

For the first time in a while, indoor weddings are having a moment. We love this trend for its endless decorating opportunities as well as its safety from the elements. Brides are currently opting for unique venues (think converted warehouses, hyper-elegant hotel ballrooms and art galleries) that allow them to go heavy on the DIY. It’s the perfect opportunity to inject some of your own taste and personality into your special day. So if this is your plan, don’t forget to invest heavily in the basics. Items like black and white tablecloths, lycra chair covers and lace fabric rolls in high quality materials are guaranteed to never go out of style.