5 MUST HAVE Wedding Decorations For A Summer Wedding

Summer is the fun time of year to get married. It's warm, people are on holidays, the beaches are pumping and the general population just seem upbeat. So good on you for picking this season!

Thought about thongs and umbrellas? Weren’t expecting those to be on your decorations list were you, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

Wedding decorating has to be the all time most fun piece of your planning. Have you started pinning 10,000 pins of gorgeous ideas? It’s so easy to get carried away and why not! It’s also a great way to involve all those eager family & friends by giving them an idea to research. A future Mother-in-laws dream!!! 

Now being summer you have to think all things cooling, dreamy and whimsical. Let's get started!

Summer Wedding Decorations

Tip 1 - The Prettiest of Parasols

Parasols are a must! Thinking of an outdoor ceremony or reception, do your nearest & dearest a favour and keep them cool. These inexpensive little beauties are SO versatile. Providing shade they also bring a summery, relaxed, holiday vibe to the surroundings. Placed in a big woven basket near the isle or handed out along with a glass of bubbles will keep your guests smiling. You can also add a coordinated ribbon to tie into the wedding colour theme!

Tip 2 - Flowers All Around

The lush summer surroundings will provide you with a wall to wall carpet of green, so pops of colour are needed. Using arches adorned with your favourite flowering florals can be used on your aisle, behind your main table, your photo booth, your dance floor, everywhere! These backdrops could also include props like sunglasses and the aforementioned parasols for fun.

Tip 3 - Centrepieces Of Summer

Seychelles by the sea shore flowing down the centre of your tables screams summer! Layer with a table runner for even more impact. These natural gems add texture and an organic element to your seating arrangements without breaking the bank. Their reusability or potential to be recycled back to mother nature also keeps your environmental impact low. 

Summer Wedding Decorations

Tip 4 - Light Me Up!

Fairy lights, tea lights, candles, curtain lights, twinkle lights, festoon strings, lanternsuplighting, light lettering, disco lights, disco balls!!! Okay, I’m getting carried away but you get the message. Lights add mood. Mood adds intrigue and romance and next thing you know your best friend is meeting her future husband from table 4! 

In all seriousness being a summer wedding you need to take into account the long daylight hours you have and how to make that shift to the reception time. Lighting will assist with this. 

Tip 5 - Kick Up & Off Your Heels

“I love dancing in heels” SAID NO ONE EVER! Again, do your besties a favour and provide a large selection of thongs for dance floor action. Similar to the parasol idea, placed in a large woven basket with a cute sign explaining their purpose will assist in bringing that DF to life. And what a lovely take home for your guests to utilise for the rest of summer and remember your wedding each time they’re worn. 

Hopefully some of these tips will assist in getting your wedding decoration ideas flowing and plans won't be left to the last minute. Keep in mind the summer season is prime wedding time so don't leave ordering items too late. 

Happy decorating xx