Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: The Benefits of Using Chair Covers for Weddings and Events

The Benefits of Using Chair Covers for Weddings and Events

When you’re planning a big event, chair covers might seem like a small detail among many. Guest lists, dinner dishes, music and your own look might rightly take the priority positions in your planning calendar, but that doesn’t mean chairs are trivial! The right chair covers for your event can tie your decorations together like no other piece in the room. They can be your chance to impress your guests, treat them to the ultimate comfort or bring out your creative side all with these simple and highly flexible decorative pieces.

Keep reading for the low down on why you should consider chair covers for your next big event, and get some practical style inspo to take your event chairs to the next level.

Chair covers protect your furniture

Whether you’re putting on a huge birthday celebration or clinking glasses after you’ve tied the knot, big parties are seldom tidy affairs. Drinks will be spilled, furniture will be scuffed and what once looked brand new may quickly become lovingly ‘lived-in’. What’s more, your chairs are likely doing the most work of all your decorative furniture pieces.

One of the biggest benefits of using chair covers within your decorative theme is that they’ll help to keep your chairs free of damage, stains, scratches and more. This means you can cross one more worry off of your list and get down to enjoying yourself with your friends and family.

If you’re hiring many chairs for your event, chair covers will help you keep them in good shape, and avoid extra charges for damage and excess wear and tear. If your chairs are your own collection, then using chair covers is the best way to ensure they have a long life in service, and can make an appearance at your events time and time again. 

Chair covers keep your furniture on-theme

 Coordinating the large range of furniture needed for any event is no small feat. With so many things to consider, like style, budget, materials and more, there’s a good chance that you will have to settle for your second or third choice when it comes to chairs.

 In cases like these, chair covers are an easy, guaranteed method to match your numerous chairs perfectly with your decorative theme by

    • Matching your chairs with each other - Chairs are likely to be the most numerous of your furniture items, with at least one for every guest! There’s a chance you won’t be able to secure enough chairs of your favourite type for your event, or you’ll have to handle last-minute guest additions quickly, leading to a mix-and-match situation. But fear not! By using chair covers, you’re ensuring all of your chairs have a matching silhouette, colour and texture, and nothing breaks the continuity of your furniture.
  • Make your chairs your creative canvas - It’s no secret that event planning can be a challenge. For many, there’s no detail that should be left to chance or unthought - from the tiniest tabletop decoration to the centres of your space, the humble tables and chairs. Chair covers are an opportunity to bring more colour, textures and decorative motifs to your event, with only your imagination and sense of style as the limit. Be bold and power clash your wedding chair colours with your tables, or opt for the elegant route with eye-popping pleated Princess chair covers.
  • Bring the ultimate comfort to the humble chair - Of all the other decorative elements at your wedding or big event, your chairs are the ultimate symbol of your hospitality and care for your guests. So making them comfortable is all-important! You can use seat cushions to keep your chairs feeling great for your guests, and these can be combined with a wide range of flexible chair covers, sashes and toppers.

    Chair covers come in so many styles and colours

     Chair covers are a highly-flexible decorative choice, and there is a huge range of styles and colours out there to choose from. While it might feel easy to get overwhelmed with choices, it’s easy if you start with the basics and build your specific style from there. Some things to consider include

  • Full-length covers or chair toppers - Not all chair covers come in the same basic shape. Some chair covers sit over your entire chair, back to feet, like these easy-to-use Lycra covers. Alternatively, you can opt for a chair topper to cover just the back and seat of your chairs, leaving those chair legs free to look great, au naturel.
  • Textured material or plain chair covers - Sometimes keeping it simple makes sense when it comes to your chairs. Plain colours and silhouettes like these White lycra covers are an elegant choice for a wedding or formal engagement. Or you can go all-out with a striking Princess pleated black cover to bring depth and flair to your decorations.
  • Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise! - Your options don’t end at simple, 1-piece chair covers! There’s still so much that can be done to bring your chairs into theme and make them shine as they should. Try combining a plain chair cover with an elegant and light Organza chair sash for subtle accenting and texture play. You can even tie it all together with gorgeous diamante sash buckles for a splash of extravagance! Alternatively, you can take your chair cover game to the extreme, by combining a plain black cover with these luxurious metallic red chair bands. When it comes to accessorising, your chairs don’t have to be plain Jane!


    Chair covers can be used on a range of chairs

    One of the biggest benefits of opting for chair covers is that they work with what you’ve got. Whether you’re using a whole stadium's worth of outdoor folding chairs, or you’ve got a small collection of the crème de la crème, there’s a chair cover that works for you. Whether your chairs have four legs or two U-shaped bands as their base, lycra chair covers are super flexible and can easily be mounted to a range of chair constructions. Even if your chairs have no legs at all - where there’s a chair cover, there’s a way!

    So, whether you’re looking to keep it simple and stylish, or you’re ready to unleash your creative flair with the humble chair, there are so many practical and stylistic benefits to using chair covers. Start your search with an open mind, and you’ll be sure to land on a chair cover style that helps your event to be unforgettable

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