Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: 6 Beautiful wedding table decorations for inspiration

6 Beautiful wedding table decorations for inspiration

Weddings are always a personal affair, with your own personal style stamped on the garments, environment, decorations, themes and more. And while your tablescapes are only one small aspect among many of your wedding decorations, it’s important to put some thought into making them your own.

But with so many kinds of wedding tablescapes out there, it can be hard to know which one is perfect for you and your special day. That’s why we’ve taken a look at some of the most popular, eye-catching and positively enchanting wedding table themes around to help inspire you. 

Keep scrolling for a closer look at some incredible wedding table themes and what you can do to make your dream wedding decor a reality.

Garden party

A garden party wedding combines the charm of an outdoor celebration with the elegance of a traditional wedding. It's a simple, charming way to celebrate love in a lush and colourful setting. When setting up your tables for a garden party wedding, it’s important to let your decor work within the setting. Think gentle pastels and light earth tones and relaxed tablescapes that reflect the relaxed setting and open skies above.

Summer flower arrangements

Picking out the right flower arrangements is essential for a garden party wedding. Elegant rose bouquets are the perfect choice for a garden party floral arrangement. They’re the picture of summer and a sophisticated balance between natural beauty and wedding feast opulence.

Natural-looking tablecloths

In any garden party, your surroundings are as much a part of the decor as your table settings. That’s why subtle, relaxed tones and materials are the best for your table linen. Linen-coloured tablecloths and light, rustic linen napkins are perfect for keeping your tablescapes in harmony with the beautiful surroundings.

Restaurant wedding

Restaurant weddings are the height of effortless elegance. They’re the easiest way to spoil your guests and take the stress out of catering, by handing the job over to the professionals. Once you’ve booked your favourite restaurant for your special event, it’s up to you to decorate your tables. When decorating your restaurant wedding tables, it’s best to keep it subtle and unobtrusive, while using small touches for big impact.

Minimalist bouquets

The decor in fine dining restaurants is always carefully planned to immerse its guests and evoke the right atmosphere. When you’re decorating your restaurant wedding tables, it’s best to try and match or complement this environment by keeping your floral arrangements subtle. Try minimalist bouquets like cherry blossom branches to bring your personal settings in keeping with the restaurant.

Wedding offerings

As if taking all of your nearest and dearest to a beautiful restaurant wasn’t spoiling them enough - small but thoughtful wedding offerings are a brilliant way to make them feel your appreciation and hospitality. Consider personalised offerings with your guests’ family names on them.

Subtle touches

While subtle is best for restaurant table settings, there’s still plenty of room for personal touches. Consider subtle accessories like napkin rings or your own cake serving set to bring your taste into the space.

Vineyard wedding

At a vineyard wedding, rustic charm meets elegance. Long wooden tables adorned with simple, earthy decor showcase the romance of the vineyard surroundings, while simple tableware and decorations let the lush environment speak for itself.

Rustic linens

Bringing your vineyard wedding table settings to life is easy. Consider using relaxed linens, like a cheesecloth table runner. This light, airy material helps to evoke the warm, rustic feel of the vineyard environment, while centering the wooden table clearly in the tablescape.

Outdoor furnishings

The charm of a vineyard wedding comes from the earthy, romantic environment of the vineyard itself. To work with the outdoors you’ll need some outdoor-friendly furnishings, including comfortable outdoor chairs that sit comfortably on uneven ground. These chairs are also minimalist enough to not visually obstruct your guests’ view of the gorgeous scenery around them.

Formal wedding


Sometimes a black-tie wedding is in order. With all of your guests dressed to the nines, it only makes sense for your table settings to reflect this absolute elegance. There are plenty of classy options for a formal wedding, but one decor direction that won’t let you down is to go for symbols of wealth and extravagance.

Gold tables-capes

Gold is one of the unmistakable symbols of luxury, wealth and abundance. It’s also a brilliant tone and texture to complement traditional white tablecloths and chairs. Consider using these lush gold-coloured chair bands, paired up with gold candelabras to ensure a luxurious look above and below your tablescapes. 

Opulent textures

Opulence is not just visual, but also something your guests can feel in the space. These premium white linen napkins not only look lush, but also feel luxuriously soft to touch, bringing the very best comforts to your guests on your special day.

Daytime wedding

Some say the light of day is the best time to celebrate your love among family and friends. If a daytime wedding is on your planner, the best way to decorate is bright but uncomplicated, lush but not overcrowded. Whether you’re hosting indoors or outside, the bright daylight complements light colours and solid tones beautifully.

Lush floral arrangements

When you want to bring a splash of colour to your tablescapes, bright bouquets are one of the best ways to go about it. Consider a burst of bright yellow artificial baby breath flowers coupled with luscious rose waterfall bouquets.

Bright colours

For a vibrant daytime wedding, selecting bright table linens can infuse energy and cheer into your tablescapes. Opt for colours that resonate with the theme, season, or your taste like sunny yellows, sky blues, or soft corals. You’ll also want to consider the overall colour palette and venue aesthetics for cohesion. Lighter shades work well in natural sunlight, while bold patterns add a playful touch.

Dramatic wedding 

While all weddings have a touch of the dramatic at their core, some like to lean into the thespian undertone for an on-stage flair. For a dramatic wedding, your best options are to contrast colours, opting for dark, bold tones in a low-light setting. Think candles, austere flowers and subtle golds wherever possible.

Fairy lights

Although most commonly used across walls and ceilings, fairy lights can also be used on tablescapes to create an utterly captivating scene. This warm LED fairy light string combines a gentle glow with the luscious petals of the most romantic flower, the rose. Weave this string in and out of your table centre for an enchanting and dramatic environment.


There’s not much that can beat the flickering flames of candlelight when a romantic setting is in order. Enhance your dramatic tablescape with candle accessories like this eye-catching crystal candelabra, or bring some classic elegance to the table with a collection of gold-coloured candlesticks. However you choose to brighten up your tables with candlelight, more is usually better!

So, whether you’re wedded to the idea of a formal affair, or you’re breaking the mould with a touch of theatrical flair, picking the right wedding table theme doesn’t have to be difficult. Just stick with your decorative vision and don’t be afraid to express yourself.

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