How To Let The Great Outdoors Inspire Your Garden Wedding!

Saying your vows beneath the boughs of a sprawling fig tree, or amidst the scent of a picture perfect rose garden definitely sounds idyllic, doesn’t it? Garden weddings where the happy couple and guests all get to immerse themselves in the beauty of nature are increasing in popularity. Here’s some hints and tips on how you can let the great outdoors to inspire your special day, from the ceremony all the way through to the reception and beyond...

1. Pick the Perfect Wedding Venue 

There’s something very personal and intimate about being married in your own backyard, or perhaps that of your parents. If this is a possibility for you then embrace the opportunity but keep in mind that there will be extra work organising everything you need for the celebrations. For example caterers, alcohol, wait staff, a marquee, tables, wedding linen and possibly even toilets will have to be brought in for the day. And then there’s the clean up to consider! If you’re in love with the idea of a garden wedding but lack the actual garden then there are plenty of gorgeous home-style wedding venues that provide an outdoor setting. Then you can enjoy the ambience of a private home while also having all the elements of a successful festivity on hand. 

2. Keep Your Big Day on Budget 


Luckily, in many ways, garden weddings tend to suit the budget conscious. Having the wedding in your own garden or that of a family member means you skip paying a venue hire fee. Garden weddings are synonymous with DIY so why not jump on to YouTube and research how to create your own, unique signage, decorations, place settings, bonbonniere and more. Then add some sophistication to your event by using professional quality linen. Whether your heart is set on a sit down dinner or after a relaxed, cocktail type vibe you can purchase all the linen you need cheaply in bulk from Luna Wedding and Event Supplies. Round, rectangle and square tablecloths are all perfect for hire trestle tables and chairs. For a stand-up reception you’ll need some dry bar tablecloths, lycra or polyester fitted tablecloths and/or flat tablecloths with polyester or satin table skirting for the cake / present tables. HINT: Once you’re done, put your linen away for your next milestone event or sell it on Gumtree!

3. Stick to Natuaral Tones


In order to make sure your ‘great outdoors’ theme runs seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception it’s important to choose a natural colour pallet. Try to accessorise with  colours that truly reflect the beauty of nature, such as  Olive Green Chair Sashes. You can work these into your reception with table runners and chair sashes. Texture and feel is also important for a fully immersive event experience, so why not accentuate your theme with the natural fibres of our 100% cotton premium napkins.

4. Get Decorative


The rustic / boho wedding themes are perfect for garden weddings and tie in with an outdoors inspired motif. Hessian and lace go together perfectly and will give your event that whimsical look and feel. These table runners and chair sashes are ideal, along with this gorgeous lace and love heart bunting! Organza has always been a staple when it comes to wedding decorations and works perfectly in an outdoor setting. Imagine draping it from your wedding arch or backdrop stand or letting it fall softly from the backs of chairs or pews. Add some of these fairy tale lanterns and turn your big day into a romantic paradise!

5. Make a Statement with Stunning Wedding Flowers


Despite being surrounded by flora you’ll still want to reflect your theme in your decorations. Steer away from the classics like roses and peonies and instead choose rambling vines, native leaves, ferns, nuts, berries and succulents to adorn your wedding arch, the ends of your aisles, head table and reception tables.

6. Have a Plan B!


While the idea of an outdoor wedding is alluring, there’s always a chance the weather won’t come to the party, which is why you’ll need a waterproof plan B. You can express your love of nature easily indoors by decorating with luscious plants and florals, sticking to natural tones and incorporation the rustic / boho wedding trends. And give your guests a carbon neutral gift like succulents planted in recycled jars or seeds in recycled paper packaging!

  7. Say I Do and Do Some Good

For many brides and grooms the desire to be married outdoors comes from their love and appreciation for the environment. If this is the case for you, then consider how your wedding can give back to the earth. Try having a wishing well where all the proceeds are given to a charity that supports wildlife and forest regeneration and protection like The Orangutan Project, or The Wilderness Society.

Luna Wedding and Event Supplies is a proud corporate sponsor of The Orangutan Project. This means when you purchase with Luna you are helping the securing of over 93,000 acers of rainforest in Indonesia and protecting endangered wild orangutan species. Why not extend your new family by “adopting” an Orangutan?

Another suggestion for having an earth-friendly soiree would be to donate your wedding linen once you’re done. Luna Wedding and Event Supplies’ products are all industry-grade and designed to be used many times over. Charities, schools and non-profit community groups all hold fund raising events and would be most grateful for your donation!