Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: 6 Beautiful Wedding Table Decorations for Inspiration

Weddings are a seemingly endless source of decorative creativity. Each and every wedding season, it seems like new styles, themes and decorative ideas are bursting onto the scene or disappearing out of fashion. It’s easy to be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of options for how to decorate your own big day!

To help you find a theme and decorative motifs that work for you, we’ve taken a look at some of the most trendy, timeless and beautiful wedding table decorations around. With some serious style inspiration up your sleeve, you’ll find it easy to cut through the noise and put together the decorative style that works for you and makes your special day unique. Keep scrolling for 6 beautiful wedding table themes and decorations.

Blossoms and blooms

Classic wedding look

Flowers are a go-to pick for wedding table decorations for just about every popular theme. And for good reason! Flowers are, of course, a joy to look at, and they’re also traditional symbols and expressions of love. The classic look includes a variety of floral arrangements, including white dahlias, hydrangeas, baby’s breath and similar simple blossoms.

Spring in bloom

The other unmistakable vibe that floral table decorations exude is freshness, growth and fertility - the hallmarks of an intoxicating spring in full swing. This makes floral arrangements the perfect choice for a warm-weather wedding. Floral arrangements are also brilliant for bringing the charm of spring to your indoor wedding reception, or for embedding your balmy outdoor affair into its surroundings.

Plants, plants plants

Rustic Charm

Decorating with living plants can be a sure way to bring a rustic charm to your wedding tables. Whether you’re decorating a bare wooden table with rusted, backyard furniture (as above) or you’re considering a collection of mismatched mini-pots, a smattering of small plants brings a quaint, homely feel to your decorations.


One advantage these small plants have over flowers is that they can be kept or planted after your big day, bringing you even more joy for months and years to come. What’s more, small plants and their pots can be combined with nametags or used as wedding offerings for your guests to remember the day by.

Terraria, succulents or mini-trees

If you’re considering decorating your wedding tables with living plants, your options are vast. Succulents are a strong choice and come in a variety of shapes, textures and colours. They’re also an easy option because you can simply pot and place them to decorate your tables. Terraria are a more involved type of plant decoration, and much more expensive per piece, but they’re also bound to mesmerise and enchant your guests. Terraria can be built in clear or coloured glass containers, including jars, which make them equal parts decorative and gift-worthy!

Lace table runners

Simple, traditional luxury

Lace is a wonderful wedding table decorative motif. Not only does it evoke luxury in its complex and eye-catching patterns, but lace as a table decoration harmonises with lace traditionally used to adorn wedding dresses. Whether you’re going for a minimalist tablescape or you’re creating a sense of cosy comfort for your guests, lace table runners, placemats or tablecloths can be a luxurious touch to your decorations.

Rustic charm

Lace table runners can be used on their own to create a simple, rustic charm for your wedding tables, whether used indoors or outdoors. This also gives you plenty of visual space to decorate your tables using flower arrangements, simple candlesticks, foliage or any other kinds of simple decorations. 

Minimalist tablescapes

Great to use outdoors

Minimalist tablescapes regularly come back into vogue over the years. And it’s easy to see why! This type of wedding table decoration is usually quite easy to arrange and can often be much cheaper than more maximalist alternatives, often requiring only a plain-coloured tablecloth and a simple table centrepiece to pull off. This makes minimalist table decorations great to use in gorgeous outdoor settings, where you want to draw your guests' attention to their surroundings without creating too much visual clutter.

Quiet luxury

Another strong reason to consider minimalist tablescapes is that they’re a great way to evoke a sense of quiet luxury. This trend has recently taken the spotlight across the fashion world, interior decorating trends and, of course, weddings. Using fewer, higher-quality decorative elements is not only an environmentally conscious choice, but it’s also a great way to highlight a particular table centrepiece, such as a simple bouquet, candelabra or similar, single-piece decorations.


Garden party

If you’re planning a wedding for the warmer months, a garden party reception might be just the thing for you. Surrounded by blossoms, trees or fairy lights, your guests will feel enchanted by the setting as the sun sinks and your celebration enters full swing. Lanterns are perfect for enhancing the intoxicating charm of a garden party wedding, and there are plenty of types to choose from, including tabletop lanterns or hanging paper lanterns directly above each table.

Fairytale wedding

Lanterns, whether hanging above or decorating the tops of your tables, exude a fairytale charm. Lanterns can be an enchanting way to light up your reception venue as easily as they can be stunning table centrepieces. Another strong feature of lanterns is that they can be lit up in a number of ways, including using strings of lightbulbs, candles for a traditional look or bundled fairy lights in each lantern.

Modern monochrome

Simple sophistication

The monochrome wedding table theme is a simple and safe way to create a timeless, classy look for your big day. You can create this look by pairing black tablecloths with a smaller white tablecloth in either order or by using white napkins or black napkins with the opposite-shade tablecloth.

This colour scheme helps to create an elegant cocktail party vibe perfect for highlighting your table centrepieces or drawing your guests’ eyes to a feature in the room. Monochrome table themes also work brilliantly with black-tie weddings so if you want to go the classically elegant route, this theme is the pick of choice.

Cohesive style

Another strong feature of opting for a monochrome wedding table theme is that it can easily be part of a cohesive theme across the entire wedding. This includes potentially the married couple’s wedding clothes and those of the guests, wedding invitations, signs, table decor and other decorative items.

Accent colours

Cohesive style

Similar to picking a monochrome scheme, decorating your wedding tables with an accent colour in mind is also a brilliant way to bring the overall style of your wedding together. The napkins or table runner colour that you pick out, for example, could complement or match the outfits worn by the bridal party or the groom’s party. You could also pick out a colour that emphasises a feature of your space, such as sky-blue table linens for an outdoor daytime wedding reception.

Personalise the vibe 

An accent colour is also an easy way to bring your own personality into your table decorations. You can pick out a colour that you have a particular affinity for the accent, or you could also consider some aspects of colour psychology and pick out a colour that is likely to evoke a strong association with a feeling or mood for your guests.

Whether you’re going for austere luxury or colourful highlights for your wedding tables, your decorations can be a brilliant way to express what you care about and create the wedding vibe that you’ve always dreamed of. With a little bit of thought (and more than a little style inspiration) your wedding decorations can easily become part of a beautiful, memorable night for you and your guests.

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