Wedding Backdrop Ideas & Inspiration

Anyone who has planned a wedding knows that it’s more than just a ceremony followed by a wicked after-party. It’s also a celebration of the unique connection shared by you and your partner. A pure expression, shared with your dearest friends and family, of what you mean to each other.

Your wedding is uniquely you.

So, to help you make your wedding your own, we’ve put together a list of ideas for one element of your wedding that sits in the background but plays a huge part in setting its tone. We’re talking, of course, about the all-important backdrop.

Keep reading for all the inspiration you need to choose the perfect backdrop arrangement for your special day.

Wedding Backdrop Stands

Before you choose the colours and textures of your backdrop, you should consider the space you’re working with, and how you plan to use it. 

If you’re decorating an outdoor space for example, or you’re envisioning an off-the-wall arrangement, one of the best options to go for is a backdrop stand.

Backdrop stands come in a variety of shapes and heights and can be a great way to bring depth and definition to a space and frame a scene perfectly. 

Curved backdrop stands are also a great stylistic choice and are an effective way to draw the eyes to a focal point.

White Backdrop


The classic choice, but oh-so-elegant nonetheless! White is quite a common choice in contemporary wedding décor, and for good reason. 

For many people, white symbolises simplicity, purity of spirit and new beginnings. It can be used to illuminate a space and works well with a wide spectrum of complementary colours and accents.

White backdrops are also great for incorporating a range of textures and fabric types into your displays, as these differences contrast well and usually show up quite distinctly. Whether you’re looking for a brilliant silken white or a more subdued summer linen, white is always a strong choice.

Flower Backdrop

Flower backdrops just scream opulence and vivacity. An age-old token of love and affection, flowers make for the perfect representation of youth, life and energy in a wedding.

Flowers make for an eye-catching decorative element whether you’re filling an entire backdrop with blossoms, or using tasteful floral motifs to frame your displays. 

They can also be deeply personal. The flowers you choose could be your own long-standing favourites or inspired by the first bouquet your partner gave to you.

Best of all, flowers come in such a staggering variety that it’s easy to imagine a flower for every season, every theme and every couple’s unique expression of love.

Arch Backdrop


Arch backdrops and arbours can be used in a range of settings and are a stunning way to frame your special moments. From walking the aisle and speaking your vows to signing the wedding register, arches and arbours are a stand out decorative choice.

They can also be adorned with a variety of eye-catching elements, like sheer linen sheets for a relaxed look, or billowing with flowers and foliage for something louder and more extravagant.

Arches backdrops can also be integrated into the space you’re working with, making for enchanting thresholds between the sections of the venue, or as a gorgeous canopy to hang over the wedding party.

Backdrop Curtains

When it comes to choosing the perfect backdrop curtains for your decorative displays, there are no hard and fast rules.

Gentle loops of sheer, softly-coloured material can be used to make breathtaking, bespoke thresholds, or combined with solid material to create backdrops with incredible depth and texture.

Your backdrop curtains could also spill onto the ground on certain features like pillars or archways to create a relaxed but opulent look. For an elegant and neat look, you might consider backdrop curtains with gentle pleats that hover just above the ground for a more defined break between surfaces.

Whichever backdrop curtains suit your wedding, the only limit to what you can do is your imagination.

Balloon Backdrop

Above all else, weddings are meant to be a time of unforgettable fun that you share with those you love the most.

Balloon backdrops are wonderful decorative elements to capture this sentiment and celebrate the fun and excitement of starting your new phase of life together.

Matte gold or silver balloons are particularly elegant, resembling baubles, while bunches of opaque green balloons strike the eye like grapes on the vine.

Balloons can be arranged in bespoke patterns, with different colours and sizes of balloons brought together to make a range of textures and patterns.

Black Backdrop

Incorporating black backdrops into your wedding décor may seem an unlikely choice. But when used well, black can be a classy, eye-catching and altogether elegant choice.

Black backdrops can be combined with various complementary colours and accents. Tones such as gold, yellow and cream can look all the more vibrant and captivating when contrasted with black.

What’s more, black backdrops can be far from one-note on their own. There’s a range of fabric and texture options out there, such as crushed velvet for example, which captures light from different angles, creating irregular patterns and charming furrows throughout your backdrop displays.

Grass Backdrop

Grass backdrops, or backdrops made from a variety of greenery, are another great way to add a splash of life and vibrancy to your wedding festivities.

Perfect for a spring or summer wedding, grass backdrops spilling with foliage bring depth and texture to your decorative displays, and evoke the carefree delights of a garden party.

They’re also a natural complement to floral arrangements, whether interspersed through the greenery or used as a framing motif.

Whether you’re looking to go big, extravagant and eye-catching for your wedding, or you’re looking for something more traditional, backdrops are a not-to-be-overlooked aspect of your wedding décor.

They’re the perfect canvas for expressing your love and connection with your partner and are an integral part of the festive, loving environment that every wedding should aspire to. 

‘Til next month xx