Top 10 Types of Tablecloth

Tablecloth. Whether its required for a functional reasons or purely decorative, the choice of size, shape and material can be bewildering to newcomers. Sometimes you want something that you can bequeath to future generations of your family. On other occasions, you may want multiple, disposable tablecloths to protect furniture at a children’s party or to look fabulous at a one-off special event (like a wedding). Perhaps you want an attractive number that can be reused at high-class corporate events? Whatever your requirements, here are our Top Ten Types of Tablecloth:

Types of tablecloth

1. Fitted Tablecloths

Fitted tablecloths are a particularly-popular type of tablecloth. They are designed to fit snugly around tables in a manner where that suggests, ‘Someone hasn’t just thrown a cloth over that.’ The can hug the legs or have pleats to avoid baggy corners. Of particular note are special serving tablecloths for events which, on one side, have a decorative side that masks unpleasant messes from guests but, on the other, allows easy access to a sub-table storage area.

2. Rectangle Tablecloths

The classic optimised form factor for fitting as many people along a table as possible. This type of tablecloth is notable for its shape which consists of two, matching equidistant lengths opposite to one another. It can be fitted or otherwise. Perfect for those with rectangular tables.

3. Round tablecloths

The great rival of the rectangular tablecloth. The round table inspires visions of Arthurian legend, gallant Knights, chivalry and, of course, equality. In modern times this type of tablecloth is considered particularly appropriate when the requirement is for a group of guests or delegates to be in a position where everybody can talk to everybody else. Just note, you need extra space to fill a room with round tables as they do not lend themselves adjacent alignment.

4. Square tablecloths

It could be easy to dismiss the humble square tablecloth as not being as useful as its round and rectangular brethren… but we beg to differ. Picture yourself on a romantic date with your significant other (or other) at a wonderful restaurant. Imagine the music, the aromas, the ambiance. Now look down. That’s a square tablecloth, isn’t it? The type of tablecloth that provides a platform for romance.

5. Dry Bar Covers

Also known as cocktail table covers, these types of tablecloth are particularly handy at masking unsightly, furniture that surrounds prominent areas like dancefloors or launch-event lecterns. Without them, tall, ugly tables appear to have sprung up, fungi-like and blight the event space. They need to be fitted lest they run the risk of posing as trip-hazard ghosts.

6. Runners

Often thought of as decorative, but also handy for adding protection against the by-product-nastiness of very-hot sharing plates, these popular second-tier types of tablecloths frequently adorn their full-sized, rectangular brethren in the way that a sash adorns a senior-ranked, military dress uniform. They can be plain, patterned or brightly coloured and add potentially-transformative, colourful flourishes to any otherwise-drab or monotone proceedings. Especially when partnered with chair sashes.

7. Overlays

What’s better than one tablecloth? Two tablecloths, of course! Overlays are the types of tablecloth that you didn’t know you need: two-tone templates that add drama and pizzazz to the most mundane events. Whether you choose to contrast, augment or complement your base layer, an overlay is the runner that rectangular tables wish they had. 

8. Table skirting

What happens when you have a perfectly-satisfactory or outlandishly-beautiful table-top but it’s let down by unsightly legs? You embrace your inner Oscar de la Renta or Vera Wang and make those legs look fabulous (darling). Table skirting is the type of tablecloth you need. Just don’t forget the clips to hold it in place.

9. Rolls of fabric

If you like to live life on the edge because rules aren’t your thing, why not rebel and choose a freeform tablecloth type? Don’t conform to fixed dimensions, buy a roll of fabric and cut it to whatever shape or size you want. You don’t even have to put it near a table. You’re the boss, you decide. There’s more choice too: Satin, Organza, different colours, the lot.

10. Table Swag

Last but my no means least is the humble table swag tablecloth adornment. It may sound like pure Australiana but this is no Ocker brute that’s going to run off with your Jumbuck before having a nap under a Coolabah tree. If you want your table to look ostentatiously fabulous, get some of these.

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