Top Tips For Accessorising Your Work Christmas Party: Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

So you’ve been tasked with the exasperating job organising the work Christmas party. Naturally you’d like to make it a success and wow your boss and colleagues with a staff celebration like no other. But where to start? How about taking your event from the mundane to the magnificent with festive-themed event linen and decor? The filters allow you to choose Red or Silver Colours To help make your job that bit easier we’ve come up with some work Christmas party ideas and tips on how to accessorise this year’s corporate celebration.


1. Establish a theme

Before even thinking about event accessorising, you’ll need to have a clear picture of your theme. An exciting theme will prevent your staff Christmas party from becoming humdrum, a real risk if the theme isn’t changed from year to year.

To separate yours from the pack and to maintain a high level of festive cheer, be creative with your theme. For inspiration, google “work Christmas party ideas”. If you did a traditional Christmas-themed event last year, you could inject some real buzz into your corporate Christmas party with a Christmas-infused superhero and villains theme. Dress ups. Superheroes. Villains. A fun way to uncover the off-duty personalities of your work mates. Or how about a white Christmas theme, or a Hawaiian Luau?


The options are endless and you’ll find a vast selection of themed event décor online to help take your work Christmas party to the next level with just a few clicks of the mouse, and of course the corporate Amex.

2. Follow through with your theme

Whatever theme you choose for your corporate Christmas party, it’s essential you follow through by accessorising your event venue. It’d be quite an embarrassment to have your boss arrive in a Hawaiian shirt and a lei around his neck to a formally decorated sit-down dinner.

If it’s a traditional Christmas-themed event, you could style it by incorporating Luna Events’ satin chair sashes in bright red and Christmas green. Or if you’d like to add a touch of class to your Christmas soiree, how about gold chair sashes teamed with crisp white fitted tablecloths and red or white Christmas linen napkins?

For a white Christmas theme, you could achieve a chic, sophisticated look with sequined chevron table runners in champagne, gold and white atop a white rectangular tablecloth and linen napkins in Christmas red or white tucked discreetly under the place setting.


Mask those unsightly chairs with some black or white chair covers and silver chair sashes. Finally, finish it off with a dazzling centerpiece of snowflake decorations and white candles and you’ll be well on the way to securing that long-anticipated “WOW” from the team.


For a sneaky branding opportunity, how about tying in your corporate colours with your event décor? Luna Events’ organza chair sashes come in an array of colours like navy, yellow, bright red, gold and burgundy so you’re sure to find your company’s colours in the mix. For a sleeker look, the lycra chair bands cover a vast palette, as well as traditional red and Christmas green. Paired with white or black lycra chair covers, you’ll be nominated to organise the work Christmas party year after year.

3. Assess your venue

Imagine the panic you’d feel if you arrived at the venue to find that they had round tables and you’d ordered rectangular tablecloths!

So that you know exactly what space you’re working with, you need to become closely acquainted with the venue. It’s a smart idea to visit the venue more than once so you can work out exactly what types, number and sizes of chairs and tables you need. Do you need round or rectangular tablecloths? Is there a banquet table that may benefit from table skirting?

If the venue is providing the tables and chairs, you should confirm with them exactly what furniture they will be providing for your event. Don’t assume the set-up you see when you visit the venue will be the same as provided for your event, as venues often change the type of furniture to accommodate the number of guests.

Also consider whether the space requires any additional décor or furniture. A large cavernous space may benefit from some extra furniture and decorating. You may need a gift table if a VIP visit from Saint Nick is on the agenda, or possibly a dessert, buffet or cake table. Do those tables need covers, such as table skirting or dry bar covers? If you’re working with a small space, remember you won’t need a lot to make an impact.

4. Table setting design


To help you create table decorations that will make a striking impact, keep the following design tips in mind:

  • Layer up! Layers and textures create interest and break the monotony of block colours and single layers, precisely why you should consider adding Luna Events’ chair sashes and table runners to your list of event accessories.
  • Use different height centerpieces to create interest. A selection of candles at staggered heights with snowflake decorations and artificial snow with a
    white round tablecloth would look superb for a white Christmas theme.
  • Keep centerpiece items to an odd number. Research has proven that odd numbers are more aesthetically pleasing.

5. Stick to the budget

While your co-workers will be high fiving you all the way to the bar, the directors will be less than impressed if you blow the budget. Once the work Christmas party budget has been signed off, monitor your budget throughout your event planning and when deciding on things like the venue, ensure you allow enough dollars for event linen and other event accessories.

Unless, of course your workplace is “economising” and you’re holding the event in-house. In this case, you’re totally justified in blowing the budget on event accessorising so that you can transform that dull conference room you spend half your working life in into an unimaginable Christmas party haven.

If budget is a high priority, Luna Events offer wholesale prices direct to the public, straight from the website. For bulk quantities, you don’t need quotes or special logins to access discount prices. The website automatically applies the bulk quantity discount as you add more to your shopping cart. It’s that easy.

6. Simplify your life!

Don’t let the work Christmas party preparation become all-absorbing. Many of the things on your event organising checklist, such as ordering event linen can be done from the comfort of your office chair.


Luna Events try to make your workload as light as possible by streamlining the way you order your event linen online. The website displays all available products, which are all able to be ordered online, with fast shipping. When finalising your purchase, you can get an estimate of the delivery time and opt for express post if you need your event linen like, yesterday.