4 Tips To Make Your Spring Wedding Bloom

There are many reasons you picked spring for your special day and it's easy to understand why... Longer days, warm air on your skin, the emergence of buds and blossoms. All these elements combined make this the most invigorating time of year. Especially for the spring bride! Weaving the theme of spring into your ceremony and reception is a must. The abundance of colour, the sweet smelling perfume and a plethora of choices is enough to send anyone skipping to the flower market at 4am. And, for the spring wedding a floral backdrop or flower wall is just the way to achieve this.

Luna spring wedding flower wall

Tip 1. It's All About The Flower Wall 

You’re enthusiastically going through your ceremony checklist; you’ve been through multiple appointments and finally selected your dream dress, he’s just started thinking (thinking!) about his suit. The venue date is locked in, you’re reviewing the menu for final canape selection and your cousin has insisted he’ll be the DJ (oh dear), but what about the other item that's centre stage? The decoration that will feature in ALL of your ceremony photos? The centrepiece, the frame, that special space where you will exchange your sacred vows and finish with that picture perfect kiss! How is this going to look? Enter the flower wall, where your own personal style can come to life. 

Tip 2. Set Yourself Up With An Elegant Centrepiece

Being a spring wedding you may have chosen an outdoor location so as to soak up the above mentioned natural benefits. A wedding arch will complement this natural environment. We have recently introduced our backdrop stand support system making the set up and design super versatile and easy. This system enables just one of your dearest friends (who is desperately wanting an important role to play in the wedding) to set it up all by themselves. The frames are lightweight but strong and can be made into multiple shapes if you want to expand their use. 

It’s versatility means it can be used during the ceremony or reception, indoors or outdoors and with fresh or artificial flowers. Should your flower theme be daisies, dahlias, peonies or poppies your wedding arch can mirror your vision.

Tip 3. Strategically Set The Scene, Your Photos Will Thank You Later

Did you know 50% of all your wedding photos are taken of the ceremony!

Yes, when you or your photographer go to compile your album you will notice just how many gorgeous photos of your ceremony you’ll want to include, especially while you’re exchanging vows (side note; be sure to speak to your Celebrant or Priest about their standing location during this very intimate moment. Sometimes it’s best if its just the two of you). So be sure to do your research on the background you want to achieve. It will go down in the history books (well at least the photo books) 

Tip 4. Glam It Up With The Best Selfie Backdrop Ever! 

Now that we’ve achieved your perfect backdrop, we move our attention to your guests and their need for the best selfie backdrop. Continuing on from your spring wedding floral theme you could look to re-use or add another arch for these popular photos. 

However, if your reception happens to be a stylish nighttime affair perhaps a sparkling sequin backdrop could provide the glitz and glam we all love at a wedding. We stock 9 different colours and with gold and natural tones tipped to be this wedding seasons trend, weaving in your desired colour pallet has never been easier. 

A spring wedding is the birth of all that is new and fresh, and it's just around the corner so get out your checklist and tick ‘background styling off’ because you just found your perfect solution.