Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: Types of Chair Covers for Weddings and Events: Which One is Right for You?

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Types of Chair Covers for Weddings and Events: Which One is Right for You?

Chair covers are an all-important, but easily overlooked element of event design. Available in a wide variety of colours, textures and styles, chair covers can be used to bring the classy to a formal event, just as easily as evoking your own personal style at your next special event.

Stylish, flexible and super easy to use, chair covers are an easy way to elevate your event, no matter the occasion. Still not convinced? Read on for the benefits of using chair covers and a closer look at the different amazing varieties to choose from.

The benefits of using chair covers 

Chair covers offer a variety of benefits and can be used in various kinds of events. Whether you’re looking to add a splash of colour to a birthday bash, or you want your event decor on theme, chair covers are a brilliant choice. Some benefits include

  • Elevated Aesthetics - Chair covers can be used to instantly transform plain chairs into elegant and cohesive elements of event decor. This is the perfect opportunity to add a  touch of class to your decor or to match the colour, tone and texture of your chairs with the overall theme of the event.

  • Personalisation - Chair covers come in a variety of tones and materials to match specific colour schemes, styles, or themes. This capacity for visual personalisation can help to create a tailored and unique atmosphere that resonates with your special occasion.
  • Versatility - Chair covers can be used on a variety of chairs, ranging from high-quality, four-legged chairs, to affordable folding chairs, perfect for outdoor settings. Chair covers made from flexible materials like lycra can also be made to fit chairs of most shapes and sizes.
  • Easy Cleanup and Maintenance - Chair covers make the cleanup for your event easy by protecting chairs from spills and stains. They can easily be removed, laundered, and stored, ensuring that the event decor is well-maintained and ready for the next occasion.

Which kinds of events suit chair covers?

Chair covers can be a versatile and visually impactful addition to various types of events, enhancing the ambience, aesthetics, and practicality of the occasion. Events that emphasise your personal style expression, or those that are suited to a higher level of formality are great opportunities to decorate using chair covers.


Chair covers are a staple in weddings. From elegant ballroom affairs to rustic outdoor ceremonies, chair covers can transform ordinary seating into a part of the wedding's aesthetic, creating a cohesive and enchanting atmosphere. The customisation options allow couples to tailor the decor to their preferences, making the event more memorable, personable and picturesque.

Corporate events

For formal corporate events like award ceremonies, fundraisers, and galas, chair covers bring a sense of sophistication and professionalism. Chair covers also contribute to an upscale atmosphere, making guests feel esteemed and the event more memorable.

Parties and celebrations 

Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or themed party, chair covers add a touch of elegance and thematic consistency to your event. The covers can be matched to the event's colours or decor theme, becoming an impactful aspect of the mood of the celebration. Chair covers are versatile enough to accommodate a range of styles, and are useful in a variety of parties, from children's birthdays to anniversaries and family gatherings alike.

Formal dinners

Chair covers are essential for formal dining events such as banquet dinners, charity galas, and fundraising events. They add a refined touch to the seating arrangement and can be used to complement the table decor, accessories and tableware.

Ceremonial gatherings

Chair covers are fitting for ceremonies like graduations, religious events, and dedications. They can be used to evoke formality and elegance to suit the occasion. Chair covers can also be paired with accessories like ribbons and garlands, which can be selected to speak to the main purpose of the event.

Different types of chair covers

Chair covers are a versatile decorative element, and come in a huge variety of shapes, tones, fabrics and styles. This means that you can find a personalised chair cover for any kind of event, and express your personal style upon what is likely your most numerous piece of event furniture. Some chair cover types include

Chair cushions

Not your typical chair cover, but nonetheless a classy and versatile member of the chair cover family. Chair cushions are not only practical and comfortable, but they can also tailored to suit the aesthetic and purpose of your event. Chair cushions can also be used on a variety of chairs, either using loops or bindings to tie the cushions to the chair backs or fixed in place using handy velcro strips.

Skirted chair covers

Skirted chair covers are an elegant and luxurious option, perfect for more traditional wedding receptions. These eye-catching and textural chair covers come in a range of colours, with black and white varieties being the most popular for weddings. The skirts on these chair covers are also available in various degrees of pleating, perfect for when you’re looking to evoke a sense of opulence.

Chair Toppers

Perfect for when your event needs a modern look, chair toppers are a shorter variety of chair covers that sit on the back and seat of a chair, leaving the legs exposed and salient parts of your event decor. Perfect for corporate events and, birthdays, chair toppers are a neat and classy option.

Chair sashes and bands

One of the biggest advantages of using chair covers at your events is the capacity to customise and accessorise with them, using versatile decorative items like sashes, garlands and bands. These accessories sit over the backs of chairs and pair well with a range of chair cover tones. You can use chair bands to dress down your chairs for a boho feel, using hessian and lace chair bands, or you can just as easily elevate the sophistication of your event by using metallic clasped chair backs.

No matter which kind of event you’re hosting, it’s always a good idea to consider chair covers. They are flexible and varied decor items and can be used on most types of standard chairs, whether built for indoor use or the outdoors. If you’re looking to bring your event that personalised edge, a touch of class or evoke your love for a particular colour, texture or style, chair covers are a must.

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