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How to Plan a Party

Throwing a swinging shindig can seem a daunting task. With so much to plan, from the menu to the guest list, to the location and decorations, it can be hard to know where to start. Before you start panicking and end up hiring an event planner, here are some top tips for how to plan the decorative side of your party.

Whether you’re looking to wow your guests for a holiday event, or you’re hosting something low-key for your nearest and dearest, here are some of the most important things to consider. Keep scrolling for our top tips on organising a party and getting the decor down in one. 

Figure out your budget

One of the most important first steps to planning a party is figuring out how much you are happy to spend on it. From buying or hiring decorations to catering and drinks, there are plenty of places to fill out your budget or save a bunch when you’re planning out your party.

DIY party decorations


One of the easiest ways to stretch your budget when you’re planning a party is to make a craft project out of it - to DIY as much as you can. Not only is this bound to save a lot of costs, but going DIY can also be super fun. Some tips for DIY decorating include

  • Fabric rolls - Whether you’re after wall decorations, creative tablecloths or any other kind of fabric ornaments, fabric rolls are the perfect DIY place to start. Available in a huge range of materials, lengths, widths and colours, fabric rolls can be adapted in almost any way. Try using this light blue Tulle fabric roll as a table runner with your tablecloth for a simple but stylish addition to your party tables-capes.
  • DIY balloon garland - Get ready to turn your party into a balloontastic bash! Crafting balloon garlands is an easy way to bring some eye-popping colour and fun to your party. With endless colour options and easy DIY assembly, you can mix, match and arrange your garlands to suit your own party style. Balloon garlands are that pop of pizzazz that will elevate your party game.
  • Custom floral arrangements - Crafting custom floral arrangements for your party is a brilliant idea for a DIY party decoration. It lets you infuse your unique style and theme into every petal and bloom. From elegant centrepieces to whimsical bouquets, the possibilities are endless. Consider gorgeous artificial flowers for a long-lived and affordable option, or premium florist foam if you’re opting for the real deal.

Ready-made decorations


If you’re short on time and don’t mind spending, another option is to go for premium, ready-made party decorations. Some of these decorations might include

  • Flower wall backdrops - Easy to set up, and always appropriate, a gorgeous flower wall brings instant opulence to just about any space. Perfect for a designated photo spot at a wedding reception, or to combine with a jovial birthday message - a flower wall is always a good choice.
  • Fabric backdrops - Fabric backdrops for parties are versatile showstoppers. They transform any space into a themed wonderland, from elegant drapery to vibrant patterns. Easily customisable, they complement various occasions, from weddings to birthdays.

These backdrops create a picturesque setting, add flair to photos, and set the stage for unforgettable memories at your event.

Picking out a theme

Holiday theme

Holidays are the perfect occasion to host a party. Whether you want to lean hard into the festive vibes or you’re looking to keep it subtle and sophisticated, there’s plenty you can do to bring out the holiday spirit through your decorations. Try these cheery Christmas-themed chair covers for a fun and festive look. Alternatively, you could get creative and go for a glittery, glitzy holiday look with these dazzling sequined tablecloths.

Keeping it colourful

Monochrome isn’t the only way to put on a swinging soirée for the ages. If you’re a fan of bright colours, pastels, print patterns and all manner of chromatic spectacle, going the colourful route for your party is certainly a fun choice. Consider some colourful ceiling drapes for an opulent vibe, or mix and match your table settings with richly toned tablecloths and gorgeous swag

Indoor or outdoor

The setting in which you choose to host your event will always have an impact on your decor choices. If you’re putting on an outdoor gathering, you might consider a rustic style of table decor, and accentuate the wood of your tables with a simple Hessian table runner. You could even incorporate your natural surroundings by lighting up trees and plants with fairy light strings, for an enchanting atmosphere.

If you’re decorating indoors, you’ll want to decide how to best use your space. This could mean using elegant wall hangings to fill out your theme or making a luxurious velvet fabric photo wall using a colourful backdrop.


Creating a decorative centrepiece


One surefire way to make your party a memorable one is to set up a focal point or decorative centrepiece for your party. You’ve got miles of creative freedom here, but some centrepieces to consider for your own inspiration include


  • Balloon garlands - Balloon garlands are a whimsical party decoration. Created by grouping and arranging balloons in various sizes, colours, and shapes, they add instant festivity to any event. Whether it's a birthday, wedding, or baby shower, balloon garlands are a fun and fancy option.

  • Flower Walls - Flower walls are a stunning event decoration, composed of an assortment of artificial or real flowers meticulously arranged on a backdrop. They offer an enchanting, Instagram-worthy focal point for weddings, parties, and photoshoots, infusing elegance and charm into any setting with their natural beauty and aesthetic appeal.

  • Arches - Wedding arches are versatile decor elements at wedding receptions as well as all manner of parties. They make for the perfect framing structure for the couple during ceremonies and serve as a picturesque backdrop. Adorned with flowers, fabric, or greenery, they radiate romance and create enchanting photo opportunities, adding a touch of elegance and sentiment to any celebration.

  • Sequin feature wall - A sequin feature wall at a party is pure glitz and glamour. Thousands of sequins shimmer and reflect light, casting an enchanting, captivating aura. It creates a dazzling backdrop for photos, infusing a sense of luxury and sparkle into the event. A stunning focal point that turns any gathering into a star-studded affair.

    Pick your table types

    When you’re planning an event, it’s also important to think about how you want your guests to use the space. If you’re looking to host a banquet-style affair, consider arranging long bench tables, and adorn these tables with premium rectangle tablecloths. You could also go one step further and add a layer of texture and colour with a satin table runner.

    If you want your guests to mingle over drinks and canapés, consider cocktail tables or dry bar tables. These can be decorated with a range of adornments, including fitted dry bar covers, floral arrangements, candles and more. Cocktail tables are also a great way to encourage your guests to mix and meet each other - a brilliant idea for getting families to meet at wedding receptions.

    So, whatever kind of party you’re keen to put on, there is plenty to consider. Whether you’re going completely DIY with the decor, or you want to keep it simple and suave, there are so many ways to throw a memorable event.

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