Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Red Carpet?


Red carpets aren’t just for the rich and famous at their extravagant events. These plush, striking carpets also make appearances at contemporary and classic weddings alike, guiding couples-to-be down the aisle, or framing the perfect photo space to immortalise the big day.

If you’re considering getting a red carpet for your wedding, there are a few things to consider. Keep reading for our tips on decorating your special day with a red carpet, as well as how much it will cost you, options for hiring or buying and other eye-catching decorations you can hire alongside your luxurious runway.

Why should I hire a Red Carpet for my wedding?



The red carpet is an iconic symbol that just about everyone can recognise. Traditionally, red carpets have been associated with royalty, VIPs and celebrities alike, and of course, are always the visual frame for celebrity events of any calibre. In short, when you want to evoke a sense of glamour, luxury and sophistication at a special event, a red carpet brings all these to mind in an instant.

Whether you roll out the carpet for your ceremony or for the big entrance of the bride and groom at the reception, a red carpet creates a stunning first impression for your guests. It lends you and your partner, along with your entire bridal party, an unmistakable aura of celebrity as you stroll into the room or down the aisle. Along the same line, your guests will feel like VIPs as they enter the space along the plush carpet.

The red carpet is also perfect for capturing your memories of your big day and can be used to frame all kinds of photo opportunities. It provides a striking backdrop for photos and could be used as an underlying colour palette or theme for the overall aesthetic of your wedding album.

How is Red Carpet hire priced?

There are plenty of ways to secure a red carpet for your wedding, including buying your own red carpet to reuse whenever you need it or hiring a red carpet for a one-time use at your wedding.

While there are plenty of advantages to buying your red carpet, including its reusability, hiring a red carpet will take the stress of transporting, cleaning and maintaining the carpet off of your hands. When it comes to the main hire options for red carpets, plenty of price points exist, depending on a few factors:

  • Carpet size - Red carpets are often priced for hire based on the width and length of the carpet you’re hiring. For example, if you’re hiring a relatively short red carpet of three metres in length, it’s likely to be cheaper than hiring a longer red carpet of six metres or more. 
  • Services included - Vendors that hire out red carpets for special events will often charge variable rates depending on the services they provide along with the hire. These can include carpet transport, installation, cleaning and more.
  • Location - Just like most wedding expenses, your location can play just as big a role in the cost of your event as the type of services you engage. Generally speaking, capital cities in Australia usually have higher expenses when it comes to hiring wedding decorations, though with more vendors available, prices can sometimes be competitive.

Red carpet hire average price by length and location


Red Carpet hire

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What wedding themes could suit a Red Carpet?



When it comes to weddings, there are plenty of decorative and aesthetic themes that could call for rolling out the red carpet. Whether you use your red carpet as an entry aisle for yourself and your guests, or you situate it as a photo frame, a red carpet is visually striking, but can easily be integrated into a consistent overall theme.

Red carpet wedding

Possibly the first wedding theme that comes to mind for most is the red carpet wedding. This theme, as the name suggests, evokes the glitz and drama of a Hollywood event, with all of its luxurious trappings, beautifully dressed people and an atmosphere of celebrity.

While the titular red carpet can be used as the visual centrepiece of this type of wedding, there are plenty of other decorative elements that will usually be incorporated. These could include classic white tablecloths for a traditional look or black tablecloths for sleek luxury. You could also opt for metallic table decorations to bring home the Hollywood ceremony vibe, including gold-coloured chair bands, gold napkin rings or metallic flower stands.

Vintage wedding

When employed in certain settings, the classic, luxurious red carpet can evoke a certain level of kitsch - just the right amount for a wedding reception that harkens back to a bygone era of hospitality and opulent luxury. Whether you want to recreate the lobby of a bejewelled old-world hotel or the anteroom of a grand palatial abode, a red carpet is one way to bring the visual elements of your vintage wedding together.

Country garden wedding

Red carpets aren’t just suited to expansive ballrooms or gilded runways. They can also be used to bring a touch of sophistication and comfort to a springtime garden wedding. In these settings, sturdy red carpets can be used to create a visually striking and even walking pathway between the guest’s chair for the wedding couple to walk as they approach the ceremony space.

They can also be used as a glamorous way to direct your guests to dance floors, bars or seating areas around the reception space.

What other decorations should I hire or buy?



While red carpets can be a stunning addition to your wedding decorations on their own, they are also often hired out alongside a range of other decorations that can be used to spruce up the space, frame your walkways or provide excellent staging grounds for photos.


A staple of Hollywood-style event decor, metallic bollards with velvet ropes can be a stylish addition to your red carpet. You can use bollards to cordon off a photo wall area, provide some direction for your guests as they walk into your reception area and more. These decorative elements are stylish and practical and work perfectly with the aesthetic of the red carpet.

Stages and platforms

Raised stages and platforms are another key decorative element that suits the overall aesthetic of a red carpet wedding. These can be used as the seating area for the wedding party, cementing you and your partner as the centre of the room. Stages are also a fantastic place for wedding speeches or the ceremony to take place, as they elevate the point of focus and draw the attention of your guests where you want it.

Stages can be easily installed in a range of locations, including inside event spaces and outdoors. To integrate the stage seamlessly into your overall wedding decorations, you can dress it with stage skirting fabrics of your choice.

So, if you’re considering sprucing up your big day with an opulent red carpet, there are so many options for you to choose from. No matter what you pick out, or which decorations you complement the red carpet with, it’s a sure way to impress your guests and create a memorable atmosphere for your wedding.


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