Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: How Much Does a Wedding Cake Cost?


Picking out a wedding cake is one of the most exciting aspects of planning your big day. And whether you’re focusing on style, flavour, or you’ve got your heart set on the biggest and best, cutting the cake only comes after a long series of decisions you’ll need to make along the way.

Just like any other aspect of your wedding, price is an important factor in picking out the ideal wedding cake for you - and there are so many out there to choose from! To help you along with these important decisions, we’ve put together a list of the average prices of wedding cakes in Australia, and the important factors that will influence these prices.

So, whether you’re after a 5-tier masterpiece covered in fondant sculptures, or you’re more partial to a simple and tasty buttercream delight, here’s everything you need to know about the average cost of a wedding cake in Australia.

Average cost of a wedding cake in Australia



Over the last few years, the average price of a wedding cake in Australia has been around $550. However, as with many services within the wedding industry, the average cost of your wedding cake is going to be impacted by a wide range of factors. These factors include everything from individual business pricing, the expertise and popularity of the vendor, ingredients used, cake construction, local demand and more.

This means that between Australian states, prices are bound to vary significantly. Here’s a breakdown of the average cost of a wedding cake in each Australian state in 2021.

Australian State/Territory

Average Cost of a Wedding Cake

New South Wales








South Australia


Western Australia



Wedding cake prices also vary significantly within each state, with cakes from cities like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in general being more expensive than other regions. 

Of course, these averages are indicative of the wedding cake market as a whole, which means they are influenced by the much higher costs of specialty cakes, as well as by the various types of wedding cakes that are popular today.

What factors impact the cost of a wedding cake?

Anyone who has spent time planning a wedding knows that there is almost never a single price for a particular wedding service. And when it comes to wedding cakes, it’s the same story. There are just about as many types, constructions, flavours and forms of wedding cake as there are wedding themes.

When you’re picking out the ideal wedding cake for your big day, you might start by considering the different heights that are available. With many traditional wedding cake styles, the determining factor of the overall height of your wedding cake is the number of layers it features.

Cake Layers

Average Cost

Overall Cake Height

Single layer


8 inches

Two layers


12 inches

Three layers


15 inches

Four layers


21 inches


Of course, with all their expertise and culinary magic, wedding cake bakers can make each layer in your wedding cake significantly taller than the average height listed here. In general, the taller your cake, the more expensive it is likely to be. Crafting a cake with numerous layers is a time-intensive and careful process requiring a great deal of expertise, patience and technique.

All the same, there’s no doubt that the impact of a tall wedding cake is unmistakable, showing off your hospitality and sparing no expense for your guests. If you’re going for height you can also use a stylish cake stand to help this monument to your love stand even prouder.


Alternatively, if you’re going for a small but beautiful wedding cake, you could consider using a more elaborate cake stand that perfectly frames the cake under eye-catching arches.

Buttercream wedding cakes vs fondant wedding cakes

When you’re deciding whether to go for a compact, tall or modestly-sized wedding cake, you’ll also need to consider which ingredients will be used to create the finish, or icing, of the cake. This will also have a significant impact on the overall cost of your wedding cake.

Today, the primary types of wedding cake available are buttercream and fondant. In general, buttercream is more affordable than fondant, and each varies significantly in style, decorative potential and flavour.

Buttercream wedding cakes usually come with a textured finish, as buttercream generally resists smoothing and sculpting. This can be done for a rustic or relaxed look for your wedding cake, or can be incorporated into gorgeous pipette decorations, flowers and a range of other pieces to add to your cake.

Fondant cakes, on the other hand, are generally more expensive with enormous decorative potential. The fondant icing can be smoothed into a pure, polished surface or sculpted into breathtaking lacework over the entire surface of the cake. This style of wedding cake ties in beautifully with the traditional wedding dress as well as table decorations, and will always draw the admiration of your guests.

Wedding cake cost per slice

Many wedding cake vendors in Australia offer prices for their wedding cakes based on the number of guests you’re inviting. As such, they’ll offer a ‘per slice’ rate for wedding cakes to help you figure out the size and form of your wedding cake. As mentioned, the price of your wedding cake is impacted by the overall height and size of the cake, but there are also many more factors that come into play. 

This includes the intricateness of decorations, the ingredients used, the style of cake and more. Here is a general guide for the average cost per slice for different types of wedding cake.

Cake type

Average Cost per Slice

Buttercream Cake


Fondant Cake


Sheet Cake



While a priority is to ensure all your guests can enjoy a slice of your gorgeous wedding cake if they would like to, generally you don’t need to plan for a slice per person. This is true especially if you’re offering other desserts with your catering. You can also opt for smaller slices for your guests, essentially making your wedding cake go twice as far as it would with regular slices.

All in all, a range of factors influence the average price of your ideal wedding cake. But with some careful planning and shopping around, you won’t be caught out with a wedding cake bill that is much higher than you expect. That way, you can enjoy planning your wedding and cut your cake with confidence, bringing on the sweetest part of your big day.

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