Luna Wedding & Event Supplies Blog: Chair Covers to Use at Your Next Event

When it comes to decorating the picture-perfect event, chairs are not to be overlooked. They’re likely to be one of your most abundant furnishings, and depending on your event, could be evenly spread throughout your space or be the very centre of attention. Naturally, then, putting some careful thought into what your chairs look and feel like is bound to pay off in spades.

Enter chair covers.

These fun, flexible fabric covers are your best pals when it comes to the decor on your party floor. Available in a wide range of colours and styles, they’re perfect for tying the room together. The right chair covers can turn even the most humble of chairs into a statement piece that perfectly represents the values, themes and decorative motifs of your event.

Keep scrolling for a handy style guide on the different types of chair covers out there, how to use them and how to keep them looking dazzling and fresh.

Full-length chair covers

Classically elegant, simple and sophisticated. These full-length chair toppers are the pick of choice for any and all events where a touch of formality is called for, like weddings, award ceremonies, graduations and more.

They’re flexible and can be fitted to a range of chair types, provided the chairs have four separate legs. They’re also available in a range of colours and can be used to perfectly harmonise or provide a striking counterpoint to the decor style of your space.

If you’re looking to throw another splash of colour and class into your decorative theme, you can also wrap gorgeous chair sashes and bands around these covers. The extra layer of colour and texture will make your furnishings pop and can tie your space together beautifully.

These full-length chair covers also come in a range of fabric thicknesses, ranging from the sheer, at 160 gsm, to the thick and durable, at 210 gsm.

Chair topper covers

If your event is slightly less formal, but still calls for swank and elegance, chair toppers are also a fantastic choice. This style of chair cover can be used on banquet chairs and folding chairs alike, and best of all don’t need to be fitted to each separate chair leg.

Instead of chair pockets, these covers feature an elastic bottom, so not only are they much easier to install, they’re also great for round and square seats alike. Since these covers don’t extend all the way to the floor, they’re also perfect for outdoor events, or to create an open, casual feel indoors.

You can also get creative, mixing and matching these chair toppers with other styles of chair covers. If you’re after an elegant two-tone look for your chairs, place a chair topper over a full-length cover in a different colour. Tie the whole set together with a complementary chair band and you’re all set with a beautiful, creative decor palette.

Princess covers

These extravagant, floor-length covers are similar to chair toppers, but feature pleats that drop to the bottom of the chair for an eye-catching decorative flourish. Like chair toppers, they don’t require four separate legs to fit, so that makes them a great choice for dressing up folding chairs and casual-style banquet chairs for a formal setting.

Like the other full-length covers, the princess covers can also be dressed up with a sash or band for an extra layer of flair and elegance. Time to bust out the pleats!

Patterned chair toppers

These patterned covers are your go-to option for when you’re trying to throw a bit of colour into your casual event. The simple and elegant patterns on these toppers are great for when you’re trying to create an overall theme or motif throughout your event decor. You can use them to echo your table bouquets, wall decorations or even the plants that punctuate your space.

Like the other chair toppers available, the patterned toppers are super easy to install and don’t require four-legged chairs to fit. And with that extra bit of space beneath each chair, they’re perfect for evoking an open, airy feel at any event.

Christmas-themed covers

Whether you’re putting on a big family bash for Christmas, or you’ve got the pleasure of organising your workplace Christmas party, these festive chair covers are bound to bring the cheer this year.

These covers come in a variety of patterns and tones and are an easy way to fill your space with fun and colour. The elastic bottoms on these chair toppers make them suitable for most kinds of banquet chair, whether they feature square or round seats.

Do chair covers fit all chairs?

While our chair covers are highly flexible and can be used across most chairs, it’s important to think about which kinds of chairs you’re using before you get covers for them. 

For example, our full-length lycra covers can fit on most four-legged banquet chairs, as the material is designed to be stretched. However, because these covers require separate legs to hold down the corners, they might not be well-suited to chairs with two combined legs or a single-piece base.

If you are using chairs without four separate legs, our plain and patterned chair toppers do the trick perfectly and can be used to create a tidy look on a variety of chairs. Alternatively, you can also use the princess covers for chairs with these kinds of legs, as they don’t use leg pockets to fit your chairs.

Can chair covers fit on folding chairs?

Our chair covers are well-suited to folding chairs because the lycra fabric can be stretched to fit a range of shapes and sizes. Choose the type of cover based on the kind of legs that your folding chairs have. 

For four-legged folding chairs, the full-length covers work best. For all other styles of folding chair legs, our chair toppers and princess covers are perfect and can be used to give even the humblest folding chair an elegant sophisticated look.

How to clean chair covers

Ease of use is an essential feature of our lycra chair covers, no matter which kind you choose. Naturally, that includes cleaning and maintaining their gorgeous look for use at event after event!

All of our lycra chair covers are durable, stain-resistant and can be washed in most domestic washing machines. Just make sure you wash them on the EasyCare or synthetic setting for a gentle clean.

Whatever kind of event you’re hosting, chair covers are a super easy, flexible way to bring your chairs in alignment with your broader decor theme. With just a few careful considerations, a touch of creativity and a splash of personal flair, you can transform one of the more mundane and abundant furnishings at your event into something that shouts your style, exudes elegance and elevates your event.

Shop the different looks here and keep these helpful tips handy so that your next special day goes down in glorious style.

‘Til next month. XX