How To Accessorise Your Wedding With Event Linen

1. Choose Event Linen to Match Your Wedding Style

  • When it comes to finding your
  • wedding style, research is the key!
  • The Internet is a great place to start, as it’s home to many helpful blogs that are updated regularly with inspiring images from real weddings and styled wedding shoots. Narrow your focus by establishing your personal style, which you can do by thinking about what you like to wear and the activities you enjoy. Perhaps you want a relaxed beach wedding? Or a whimsical vintage wedding might be more your style? Or maybe you would feel more comfortable with a modern, sophisticated theme? Once you’ve made a decision, your linen choices are the perfect way to reinforce your personal taste. For example, for a beach wedding, you may wish to include natural looking Hessian table runners and add some colour with turquoise organza chair sashes.


2. Colour Your Mood

After you’ve come up with your theme you can get started on creating a colour pallet and / or a mood board. Again the Internet is a great place to start. Begin collecting images that you love and collating them either in a file on your computer or on Pintrest. Eventually you’ll see a colour theme start to emerge, which will become the basis for your linen choices. You may want to include your florist at this point, as they will be providing the table centrepieces, which will ideally compliment the linen. Be warned though, it is possible to go overboard when it comes to having everything matching. For example you don’t want your bridesmaids’ dresses blending in with your tablecloths!

3. Add Linen to Your Wedding Checklist


When adding linen to your wedding checklist, keep these essentials in mind:

4. Match Your Tablecloths to Your Tableware


Now that you have a theme and a colour pallet, your wedding planning is really coming together! It’s a good idea to check in with your caterer and see what styles of dinnerware they have available. This might influence your choice of linen and vice-versa. If you’re planning a modern, sophisticated wedding you may like the look of square, black plates and bowls, which would contrast very nicely with a white fitted tablecloth and white lycra chair covers. Or you may wish to match them with black linen napkins.

5. Round, Rectangular or Square Tablecloths?


You won’t be able to finalise your wedding linen until you’ve confirmed how many tables you need and in what sizes. In order to do this you should consult your caterer and / or wedding venue. Do you need to provide round tablecloths or rectangle tablecloths? How many will you require? You’ll also have to consider how many other tables you’ll need such as a gift table, cake table, desert table and buffet tables. You may also need to provide dry bar covers. All your tables will require linen so make sure you’re ordering enough in the right styles and sizes.

6. Get an Early Start

People often fall into the trap of thinking that event linen is a luxury rather than an essential. In actual fact linen is one of the best ways to make your wedding stand out from the rest. Just imagine the look on your guests’ faces when they see your magically styled dining room for the first time! Because of this, it’s important to make sure you start choosing your wedding linen well ahead of time, that way you can give it all the necessary attention rather than making rushed choices. This is also the best way to guarantee availability.

7. Add Texture with Table Runners and Chair Covers!


Texture is an excellent way to subtly inject some personality and creativity into your wedding aesthetic. Satin chair covers will give any wedding a luxurious look and feel, while sequin table runners will add sparkle along with a sense of celebration.

8. Be Bold with Colourful Linen Napkins and Chair Sashes!


When it comes to choosing your wedding linen it may seem easiest to go down the traditional path of having everything in white, however you’ll be missing out on an excellent chance to assert your personal taste. We suggest really giving your special day that ‘wow’ factor by making some bold colour choices. To do this you may wish to take inspiration from the seasons. For a spring wedding you could pair mint table runners and mint satin chair sashes. Those tying the knot in winter may want to choose silver linen napkins along with a flocking sash for your chairs.

9. Don’t Blow the Wedding Budget


Wedding budgets are notorious for blowing out so it’s best to approach your linen selections with a dollar figure in mind. Obviously this figure will vary depending on how many guests you are inviting and how many tables you need to dress. We recommend talking to your caterer and / or venue to come up with a reasonable budget. At Luna Events we sell linen to the general public at wholesale prices and are more than happy to discuss the best ways to keep your spending in check. Contact us today!

10. Personalise Your Space with Chair Bands and Table Runners


Some wedding venues and / or caterers provide their own linen, however keep in mind that this will restrict your ability to dress the space how you like it. Don’t worry though, you can have the best of both worlds by adding some personal flair. Talk to your venue / caterer about introducing accessories like unique table runners or giving the room a more refined atmosphere with lycra chair bands.