Getting Married In A Pandemic - A 2020 Love Story


There’s enough to think about and plan for your big day without the pressures of a global pandemic knocking on the door. The new social distancing restrictions due to Covid haven’t exactly helped the fairytale wedding visions many imagined for their big day. However, many happy couples are realising that this current climate isn’t probably going to change for a while, so why put their marriage ceremony off any longer! After all, tying the knot and committing to each other to be life partners is truly what it comes down to at the end of the day, so why wait… it could be even better than you imagined!

Having a wedding during Covid can actually bring some benefits...

It’s likely you may have to shave some numbers from your original guest list, but it’s a chance to make it a lot more intimate and possibly even more special. This might not work for everyone, but a lot of brides are seeing that as an opportunity. Plus, instead of having to agonise over whether to invite distant relations or cause offence, everyone understands the numbers are now limited by law, not just your budget. With a smaller number party there comes a lot less stress around managing expectations, and means you can spend more quality time per guest. Any true friends and family will completely understand there’s a lot outside of your control, and you can always live stream your ceremony, or zoom in guests who are unable to make it in person.

Upgrade your wedding package due to reduced numbers…

If you’re a bride or groom, proactively check your local laws and regulations, and see what is possible for you to hold in your own state. Talk to your venue choices about their capacity options, and their own plans and backups in the event of things changing with regulations. The events industry has been hit hard, so most venues are now being incredibly accommodating in the hope to just be able to trade again. You may find venues you had previously written off as out of the budget are offering more affordable packages. If their advertised packages aren’t exactly what you are after don’t be afraid to book a consult to discuss a more tailored option. With the current industry focus on quality over quantity they may be able to provide some special touches or added extras in the hope of securing bookings. The combination of amazing customer service and a reduced guest list means you could end up with a far more attractive and affordable package than you had originally planned for.

And, with a reduced guest list, you may be able to book that stunning venue you always dreamed about, but thought was way out of your budget with many extended family and friends coming!

Consider outdoor ceremonies and receptions!

As the all important square metre rules will probably be in place for some time and restrictions are often kinder to outdoor gatherings, consider an outdoor ceremony or reception. Many venues have gotten creative and are refurbishing to make the most of their grounds, creating beautiful al fresco reception and ceremony experiences. Being open to all or part of your wedding outside could mean greater numbers and the ability to build more buffer zones into your guest list if you really can’t cut it down. Plus, an outdoor celebration can mean that you have a little bit more DIY wedding potential to tailor it exactly to your taste. 

And, If you’re lucky enough to have an option to hold a wedding celebration on your own or someone else’s private property which can accommodate such a party then you have even more freedom! As long as you have a Covid safety plan in place which is in line with the regulations per state, then you’ve got the world at your feet when it comes to options, themes and decor. Get creative! Hire or purchase some outdoor heaters, tiki torches or fairy lights to make an outdoor space seem extra special and inviting. Delve into our Outdoor Events collection to find the perfect products which will make your big day look and feel gorgeous!

Let us help you plan your decor for your dream day! 

We hope you have a fabulous big day when you manage to hold it, get in touch with us for money saving deals on wedding event supplies to help manage your budget. We have some special offers running purely during the Covid period to help people design their dream event. Beat the lockdown blues, snap up some bargains and get planning your dream big day anyway! As all that matters is that you're both happy and enjoy every special moment saying I do.