Choosing Tablecloths and Chair Covers For Your Event - The Ultimate Guide

From 30th birthday parties to corporate events, table and chair linens offer the perfect opportunity to set the mood for any event. Choosing the most suitable tablecloths and chair covers can be tricky but, by keeping a few of the below tips in mind, you’ll be able to come up with an arrangement that compliments your theme and impresses your guests.

1. Choose ‘On Trend’

Before you can make any headway with your event planning, it’s important to choose a theme for the night that’s currently in style otherwise your event will seem dated and potentially lack impact. Currently, top event organisers are opting for a sleek, sophisticated look with a ‘futuristic’ twist. This aesthetic would work for either an upmarket corporate night or a chic birthday party. To achieve this you may wish to choose the black lycra chair covers in 210gsm. This premium chair cover will give your night a sense of refinement. You could pair these with white fitted tablecloths to create an elegant contrast.

2. Go For Quality!


Not only will good quality linen give your event a touch of class, it’s also highly practical. It goes without saying that tablecloths and chair covers are directly in the firing line when it comes to potential spills and stains so you want event linen that will wash well and stand the test of time. At Luna Events our tablecloths are manufactured from industry grade and durable 100% polyester material with hemmed edges and made from one cut of fabric. Our chair covers are made with ultra-durable blend material and are also reinforced to reduce the risk of tearing. They are both easy to fit and easy to clean.

3. Decide on Shapes and Sizes for Tablecloths


This important decision should be made in conjunction with your venue and / or caterer. You’ll need to confirm numbers first and then find out what size tables are available to suit. Again this is an opportunity to create the atmosphere you desire for the event. Round tables are perfect for a birthday party because they promote conversation and interaction between guests. An ivory rectangle tablecloth will create a neutral pallet, which means you can add your personal flair with decorations and flowers. Square tablecloth and rectangular tablecloth are also available in various sizes so just make sure you’ve confirmed what you require before placing an order!

4. Discuss Event Linen with Your Venue and / or Caterer


Decisions about tablecloths and chair covers should always be discussed with your venue and / or caterer as they can heavily influence your decision. For example the caterer may only provide a certain type of tableware, which you will want to match or, in some cases, enhance. If the tableware provided is plain white you could choose a black fitted tablecloth to add some charisma.

If your tableware is higher-end it will match perfectly with white satin chair covers. Depending on your event, you may also need linen for other tables such as an awards table, present table or covers for dry bar tables.

5. Kick Off Your Event Planning Early


Leaving your tablecloth and chair cover decisions to the last minute can be a disaster. Remember, these two items will really add to an event’s overall look and feel. Avoid rushed decisions and make sure your number one choices are available in the right quantities by getting in early.

6. Be Budget Conscious!


Nobody wants their corporate event or party to blow the budget so make sure you have a firm dollar figure in mind when ordering your event linen. This figure will be influenced by your guest numbers and table configuration so it’s a good idea to have this organised in advance. At Luna Events we sell linen to the general public at wholesale prices and are more than happy to discuss the best ways to keep your spending in check.